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Harry Grothjahn proudly presents "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" with Dr. Joel Wallach
DAILY: Monday - Friday 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
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Week of NOVEMBER 24 - NOVEMBER 28, 2014:

DAY - NOVEMBER 24, 2014:

1st Hour:
News live with Joyce & Josh

2nd Hour: Founders of Silver Botanicals, DEAN DEWULF & RAYMOND D'AMICO, will join The Power Hour to discuss their findings in a recent radiation report on common store-bought tuna.
Document: Tuna Study by Silver Botanicals

New Silver Botanical Products:
Botanical-C Serum, Gift from the Magi Room & Body Spray, Silver Mist Humidifier Additive
All Silver Botanicals products available at online 24/7 at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon - Fri 8 AM - 4 PM Central Time.

3rd Hour: SAM BUSHMAN of Liberty Roundtable will be guest hosting live.
Joining Sam Bushman in the third hour is PETE SEPP of
National Taxpayers Union.

To call the show live: 1-855-995-6923 - International Callers: 00+ 1+ 612-465-7370

Today's Show is Audio Archived at:
November 24, 2014 (hour 1) - News LIVE with host Joyce Riley & Josh
November 24, 2014 (hour 2) - Dean Dewulf & Raymond D'Amico discuss their findings in a recent radiation report on common store-bought tuna.
November 24, 2014 (hour 3) - Sam Bushman joins TPH as the guest host


Today’s show will be live all three hours with guest host SAM BUSHMAN of Liberty Roundtable

2nd hour guest: Sheriff Richard Mack

Available Books:

* The Magic of Gun Control by Richard Mack
* The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope by Richard Mack
* From My Cold Dead Fingers: Why America Needs Guns by Richard Mack & Timothy Walters
DVD: CSPOA St. Charles 2013: Erecting The Barriers - 5 Disc Set
All available online at: or by calling 877-817-9829.

3rd hour guest: Jim Clymer

To call the show live: 1-855-995-6923 - International Callers: 00+ 1+ 612-465-7370

Today's Show is Audio Archived at:
November 25, 2014 (hour 1) - News LIVE with host Sam Bushman
November 25, 2014 (hour 2) - Guest Sheriff Richard Mack + Open Lines
November 25, 2014 (hour 3) - Additional News + Open Lines - Followed by Guest Jim Clymer


Today’s show will be live all three hours with guest host
ROGER SAYLES of Sovereign To Serf

To call the show live: 1-855-995-6923 - International Callers: 00+ 1+ 612-465-7370

THURSDAY - NOVEMBER 27, 2014:  -  REBROADCAST:  Happy Thanksgiving!

1st Hour Replay:

A healthy gut is the root of all health! Living Streams Probiotics are a major player in everyone's health as it directly affects the integrity of your immune system. WAYNE BLAKELY will be sharing why it is so important that change the of bacteria that lives in our gut.
Living Streams Probiotics are available online "24/7" at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 4 Central Time.

2nd Hour Replay:
Electromagnetic Pulse or EMP - the term is bantered about a great deal lately. F. MICHAEL MALOOF, former security policy analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the author of the newly released book "A Nation Forsaken" will explain what the real risks are and whether or not we should be concerned.
Archived Articles:

3rd Hour Replay:
Finding the truth, learning all that he can and sharing with all is what AL ADASK is all about. Tune in as he shares his thoughts on our country as it stands, what is going on behind the scenes and what we can expect.


1st Hour Replay:
President & CEO of Christian Care Ministry,
TONY MEGGS, will talk about a Medi-Share program, in which participating Christians share money to pay their medical bills. Launched in 1993, Medi-Share is not insurance, but rather a health-care sharing ministry where members do not pay for insurance, but rather join their resources to help each cover medical costs. Medi-Share facilitates an exchange of funds on behalf of members so they can support fellow members rather than a for-profit company. FOR OVER 18 YEARS, Medi-Share participants have been helping one another through medical bill sharing—over $550 million has been shared and discounted. Medi-Share is for Christians who want their healthcare dollars to help fellow believers who are living the same lifestyles.

2nd Hour Replay:
Do you have activated charcoal in your medicine cabinet or stocked away in your preps? This is a must have addition to any home as it can save your life or the lives of your loved ones including your pets! Charcoal expert
JOHN DINSLEY will share what activated charcoal is and how it can be used to treat many different problems from bee stings and spider bites to poisonings and toxins in your system.
For all charcoal products and John Dinsley's book "Charcoal Remedies" please visit 24/7 or call 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri 8 to 4 PM CST
Additional Book: Charcoal: Startling New Facts About the World's Powerful Clinical Absorbent (by) Calvin Thrash M.D. and Agatha Thrash M.D.

3rd Hour Replay:
SHERRY PEEL JACKSON will be joining The Power Hour to discuss the illegalities of the IRS. Sherry was a former IRS employee who discovered the truth about the income tax and started speaking out and sharing her knowledge with people. She was arrested for a non-crime and sentenced to 4 years in prison. Her story is a travesty and more people should know about it.



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