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Joyce Riley vonKleist, RN,BSN spokesperson
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                 

February 5, 2004


The American Gulf War Veterans Association can no longer remain silent on the subject of George W. Bush’s military records. FOX NEWS reporter Sean Hannity stated Wednesday evening that this was a question that had been resolved. Guest Howard Wolfson responded by saying that the President should release his records. If the media had been doing their homework they would know that the records have already been released. It is because of the actual content that these military records are not being disclosed. 

Joyce Riley, spokesperson of The American Gulf War Veterans Association revealed on air in a two hour “white paper” report yesterday, Feb. 4, 2004, on The Power Hour radio show, ( that George W. Bush’s military records indicate that he was not present for his entire six year required service to the military. Even more shocking and significant is that he did, in fact, deny a direct order, during time of war, and was suspended from flying. The debate may rage on the major networks about whether or not he was AWOL, however the documentation exists and is available at 

Riley, who has also been a testifying expert in medical malpractice trials for fifteen years states: “There is no question he is guilty of major military crimes and should be held accountable. The military records confirm these accusations. No matter how many of his “buddies” they “pull out of a hat” to say he was present, the records speak for themselves. Thousands of veterans, from Atomic Veterans, Vietnam War, Project Shad, and Gulf War I have been denied compensation because the V.A. and Department of Defense state that their “records” don’t prove exposure to chemicals, biological agents, experimental vaccines and depleted uranium. ( ), Project Shad and Gulf War victims now suffer and cannot prove their records exist. ( Mr. Bush’s  records do prove without a doubt that he denied a direct order during time of war, and this, by definition is Treason.  

The AGWVA will provide FOX NEWS, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and BBC with copies of these documents by contacting this organization. The millions of prior service personnel who served proudly will be outraged when they read what the present Commander in Chief is guilty of —and is not being held accountable for. Innocent troops that are simply protecting their health and their families from the anthrax vaccine are being court martialed. How can the President stand before them when he is guilty of so much worse? Full reports on the military records of George W. Bush will be available at: and




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