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March 13, 2002
Dave vonKleist
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The Power Hour radio show became the focus of national and international attention when thousands of listeners at home and abroad heard host Dave vonKleist announce solemnly that “After analyzing hundreds of photos, we can find no evidence of a Boeing 757 slamming into the Pentagon. Numerous photographs have surfaced from eyewitnesses on the scene showing the initial efforts to extinguish fires. It now appears they (the fires) were from an apparent crash of a smaller aircraft at the Pentagon on the morning of 9-11-01. The stakes are very high and we do not say this lightly. We challenge the listeners to prove us wrong, we don’t want to be right on this one,” vonKleist said.

The photos show the area of alleged impact being doused with fire retardant foam by a fire truck that arrived from National Airport. The Pentagon’s outer wall had not yet collapsed. Other photos depict onlookers watching firefighters laying hoses as they prepare to battle the fires that had broken out in several areas inside the Pentagon.

The photographs clearly show the details of the area ”reported” to have been hit by flight #77, a Boeing 757.  The roof line and surrounding area of the alleged 757 strike at the Pentagon is clearly visible and shows that the collapse of the area was the result of events that occurred other than what was officially reported.

The implication of the failure to release these photos by government and media officials has set off a firestorm of accusations on the Internet of possible involvement of the U.S. Government in the attacks of 9-11. More evidence is surfacing daily as to the amount of “prior knowledge” the U.S. government had about 9-11. In fact, Former Los Angeles  narcotics investigator Mike Ruppert (www.copvcia) has now offered a thousand dollar reward to anyone who can disprove his information regarding prior knowledge.

Motives of military actions being taken abroad are now questioned by listeners of The Power Hour as the threat of possible international retaliation grows.  Concern for the families and loved ones of Flight 77 is expressed daily as the questions are asked about what really happened on September 11, 2001. These photos can be viewed at:  

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