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Does Pentagon video confirm Massive Cover-up?
By Dave vonKleist
On the morning of 9/11/01, The North tower, the South tower of the WTC, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania saw devastating and deadly attacks that rivaled the attack of Pearl Harbor.

Question: Is it safe to assume that all four events are inescapably married to one another?

If so,

Question: Is it safe to assume that if we find the party/parties guilty of one of the events, are they not likely to have been involved in all of the events?

If so,

Question: Is it safe to assume that since no one jumped to the front of the line to claim responsibility, that the individuals/group/organization would do anything to obfuscate, distract, distort or otherwise cover up any information that might lead to their discovery?

If so,

Question: If any individuals/group/organization that is found to be involved in the obfuscation, distraction, distortion or cover up of ANY information regarding ANY of the events of 9/11, would it not indicate possible involvement or guilt of ALL of the events?

If so, let us consider the following:

For nearly a year, the questions raised by Thierry Meyssan in his book, “9/11 The big lie”, the website “Hunt the Boeing”, and articles written by many who question the events of 9/11 at the Pentagon, have been met with ridicule and anger, anything but open and honest discussion involving the fact that photographs taken at the Pentagon shortly after the attack clearly and irrefutably contradict the official story of a 757 crashing into the building.

On Friday, January 24, 2003, the Pentagon released animated video depicting flight 77, a Boeing 757 slamming into the Pentagon on 9/11.

The assertions made in the past questioning what happened in Washington that day have now been resurrected due to the fact that the photographs taken at the scene shortly after the attack blatantly contradict the claims made in the newly released video “re-creation”.

The video illustrates the claim of how the 757 destroyed support columns as it plowed its way into the building. Note that in the video, just one of the wings is shown as destroying six of the support columns. How is this possible when the photos taken shortly after the event, BEFORE the collapse, clearly show no hole large enough to accommodate a wing, let alone an entire 757? Forget what has been droned into our heads since 9/11. Look at the photo below and let’s use our heads!

Which of the six support columns do YOU see destroyed in the above photograph?
If ONE wing would have spanned six columns, how many columns would have been destroyed by TWO wings AND a fuselage? How do we explain these photos?

Why is the Pentagon, the media and the government re-kindling this issue with the release of this video “re-enactment”? The American people are already mistrustful of their government and the release of this video does nothing more than to create more mistrust and confusion. What was the point of this release? Is this being done intentionally and if so, for what purpose? Why won’t the media HONESTLY address these issues in free and open debate?




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