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An open letter to all those who want to condemn us rather than research the truth behind what is happening in America today. This letter is in response to a man named "Pete" who contacted the AGWVA.

We apologize in advance if I offend you or any other e-mailer. Please read in its entirety and I hope you will understand our position fully.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this letter as it represents a minority of mail we receive, and forgive the directness, but this mail which is a major timewaster and diversion. Oftentimes "they" demand and answer then gloat if no one responds to the name calling e-mail.

1.  "Pete" is an example of mail received from those who only want to call names and not utilize documentation or fact, they really don't merit an answer. These e-mails often are full of four letter words or are unprintable in responsible, professional communication.

People like "Pete" who are not able to support their statements by signing their names also don't deserve a response. I was willing to put my name on the news release asking for the resignation of Rumsfeld. I have, and will continue to disclose our findings to the public AND sign my name. The "Pete's" of the world, on the other hand don't have the courage to sign their name, or include their address or phone number to their e-mail. This is an example of the mainstream American who listens to CNN, or perhaps thinks that they really are politically correct by listening to Fox (in the Hen House) News. They also remind us of the World Federation of Wrestling / Jerry Springer crowd type of behavior.

2. These letters do not address the issues. They use terms like "fools" or "wackos," and may want to throw in Jane Fonda or black helicopters.

3. These letters don't make one legitimate argument worth our debating and, therefore, we want all the e-mailers to know that from this point on, we will not address name calling or unsigned letters. You, "Pete", requested a response and we are providing it. out of respect. This will be the last unless you present a documented

Now for the AGWVA response. Yes, we did read not only the transcript, but also studied the supporting documentation of SR 103-900, SR 103-97 and the Interim Report from Sen. Don Riegle. Perhaps even more damning was the "Congressional Record" regarding the "Iraq Procurement and US supply of weapons" testimony by Rep. Henry Gonzales and the IRAQGATE documents of the National Security Archives. After researching all these documents anyone would understand why we decided to memorialize our demand in a "News Release" requesting his resignation. After reviewing these documents you will see that this is only the tip of the iceberg with respect to accountability for the deaths of our veterans.

You, on the other hand, seem to have internalized the mind control (behavior modification) format that CNN has effectively induced in the average "non-critical thinking" American. Unfortunately, the mainstream American has fallen victim to the "TV NEWS syndrome" which does not allow for alternative views. They make you think it is "unpatriotic" to voice any opinion that is contrary to the conventional wisdom of the current administration or any other governmental agency. The "media" has become the lapdog of the government or as the government document Cointelpro refers to them, as "The Friendly Media."

Since those in charge of the media have turned their back on their responsibility to be the "watchdogs of government," where does that responsibility now fall? The only answer is the people and the "alternative media" who are not compromised.

The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees us the right to engage in free and open debate on any issue. A government that is truly "of the people" should embrace debate rather than condemn it. Especially when supported by facts and evidence. ( )

Before you try to label this organization as "fools," why don't you ask "where are the American Legion, VFW or any other government supported (read "controlled") veterans organizations?" Why haven't "they" questioned the sale of biologicals to Iraq, or the truth about Agent Orange, Gulf War Illness and the experimentation on our military? Why haven't we been able to find one GW vet who has actually received assistance from the above mentioned "government vets groups?"

The American Gulf War Veterans Association ( ) is proud to say we are not government supported or controlled. We are an advocacy group for veterans and will continue to report our research findings even if it exposes the wrongdoing of our leaders, military or otherwise.  

We will continue to welcome any and all INTELLIGENT responses and HONEST debates
from ANYONE who bases their argument on evidence and documentation, rather that emotionalism and blind patriotism.

Forgive my passion in this response but we receive the calls day and night from sick and dying GW vets, Vietnam vets, and now the newest to join the fraternity of "experimented veterans," the Bosnian Syndrome and the anthrax vaccine sufferers. We get the calls from the parents of our deceased brothers and sisters in uniform and they want answers to their questions. We take the calls of those who have a gun to their head and want to commit suicide because they feel betrayed by the very country they served when they learn of the experiments that they endured without their consent. We take those calls because the American Legion or VFW isn't doing it.

We take those calls because the American Legion referred to their problems as "Conspiracy theories." ( ) Do not think that attempting to silence us will silence our story. The veterans of this country who served proudly and for the right reasons have been silent long enough. Do not label us un-American, anti-military, anti-semetic, racist or terrorist, as is attempted as a last ditch effort. We are the patriotic Americans who understand we have a "duty" to have our word heard, even if it means signing our names.

Finally, before e-mailing us with insulting rhetoric, please go to  Study the documented material that already exists. We will instead be focusing on the dead and dying GW1 vets and trying to keep the future GW2 vets from having to travel down the same road our Vietnam vets warned us about.

Yours for the Truth,
Joyce Riley, RN, BSN
Spokesperson, AGWVA

----- Original Message -----
From: a guy named Pete
Sent: Friday, October 04, 2002 12:11 PM
Subject: Rumsfeld Resignation

The American Gulf War Veterans Association
Have you taken the time to read the actual transcript? Obviously not.
All yes all of Sen. Byrd's questions to Rumsfeld were based only on a magazine article that Byrd read. Wow what proof!
Read the transcript before continuing to make fools out of what I had thought was a respectable Veterans Organization.

Reply requested.




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