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Controversial Video Shocks Attendees of

1st Annual Islamic Fair in Malaysia


Contact: Dave vonKleist                                                                                                                June 22, 2006           

P.O. Box  85

Versailles, MO 65084

(573) 378-6049, (573)378-5998 FAX


            The controversial documentary “911 In Plane Site” (IPS), was shown continuously for three days at the first annual Islamic fair, held June 9-11 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. William Rodriguez, World Trade Center hero, and philanthropist Jimmy Walter, presented the video, produced by Dave vonKleist and directed by William Lewis, as they travel the world sharing evidence and testimony about the 9/11 attacks.


             During the three day conference, clips from IPS and Walters’ video, “Confronting the Evidence” were shown on national television numerous times. While visiting Kuala Lumpur, Rodriguez and Walter met with former Malaysian President, Mahathir Mohammad, along with many top cabinet members to discuss the evidence that has been suppressed and ignored by the American media.


            Rodriguez mentioned that the movies triggered such an outcry that, last Friday, that over 200 Islamic clerics marched on the US embassy to demand answers to a long list of questions about 9/11. Predictably, over 200 policemen were called in and the crowd dispersed under severe protest. The demonstrations were covered on the national newscasts.


            During a Broadcast on National News, Channel 3, at Primetime, it was stated that “The Mindset of the Malaysian people has been changed forever on the 9/11 events after seeing the latest evidence.”


            “911 In plane Site” and “Confronting the Evidence” continue to be recognized as the most controversial video documentaries on 9/11 to date, and are being shown by Rodriguez and Walter as they travel the world.


“911 In Plane Site” is available at: , 877-817-9829.

“Confronting the Evidence” is available at: , 800-630-9012.


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