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Veteran Airline Pilot Challenges Official 9/11 story!


June 21, 2006 

Contact: Dave vonKleist                                                               

P.O. Box  85

Versailles, MO 65084

(573) 378-6049, (573)378-5998 FAX


In a radio interview today, a 33-year veteran American Airlines pilot challenged the official story of the 9/11 attacks by stating that “ground effect” would have, “…prevented even a seasoned expert pilot from flying a 757 into the 1st floor of the Pentagon”. He went on to say that it is his belief that the damage seen in photographs and video footage of the e-ring before the collapse is “more consistent with a missile strike.”


“Joseph” (name withheld due to fear of reprisal) also stated on “The Power Hour” radio program with Dave vonKleist that it is his belief that the plane that hit the South Tower was not a 767, flight 175 as was reported,  “…it appears to be, for all intent and purposes, a 737.” He agrees with other airline pilots and Air Force officers who have stated, “The planes were substituted.” The entire interview can be heard online at:


Dave vonKleist’s letter of inquiry to Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld’s office was met with a letter of non-response to the questions raised by the photographic and video evidence discussed on the program. As a result of the continued stonewalling and avoidance of these issues, a growing number of airline pilots, scholars, professors, physicists and military experts are coming forward to dispute the official story of hijackers flying planes into targets on 9/11, and are adding credence to the charge of an “inside job”.


The photographic and video evidence referred to is contained in the documentary, “911 In Plane Site”, produced by Dave vonKleist and Power Hour Productions. . The film, directed by William Lewis, had been screened in theaters in Australia, and has been aired on television in Malaysia, Venezuela, Japan, Australia, Denmark, Austria, Poland and the U.S.



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