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To all our brothers and sisters in and out of uniform in Australia:

The American Gulf War Veterans Association joins with the British Gulf War Veterans and Families Association of the UK in taking a firm stand against the possible war in Iraq.

Thank you Jenny Black and the "No War in Iraq" participants in voicing a world-wide statement of dissent for a war that is fraught with an agenda from the global elitist powers.

Our reasons for not supporting this war have nothing to do with our being anti-American, unpatriotic or anti-military, though some will want to conveniently label us that way. We served, and will continue to serve if the shores of this country are ever threatened. We may very well die for this country. We volunteered, served and believed in the military for all the right reasons. Unfortunately, after Desert Storm, we must now question it all.

I served as a Captain in the United States Air Force as a Flight Nurse. I was never prouder than I was the day my "wings" were pinned on me. Today, I continue to fight for the men and women that are now sick and dying as a result of that war.

I returned to the service of my country because of a story the media portrayed. The story of fifteen year old "Naira" who said she saw the Iraqi Republican Guard throw the babies out of the incubators in Kuwait and bayonet them. This story was repeated many times before our Congress and by our President.

To our total astonishment we learned four years later that the story of "Naira" never happened! She was the real life daughter of the Ambassador to Kuwait and she had never been in Kuwait. This story was, in fact, brought to you by the Hill and Knowlton Advertising Agency for $10.5 Million dollars. This alleged atrocity never occurred. Our men and women of the United States were manipulated into a war by a public relations agency!

If a war needs to be fought we can address that on its own merits. However, one does not manipulate a country or a world into a war by the use of marketing and ad agencies. We must now wonder how many of the so-called global atrocities really happened.

"Our Desert Storm military is not just sick, they are dying." That is a statement made by
former Senator Don Riegle in Senate Report 103-900. This report is no longer available from the government and has been taken off the government printing office list. Why are our Gulf War veterans dying?

The United States Government along with the UK and other countries armed Saddam Hussein with biological and chemicals, helicopters and assorted warfare. The Bush Sr. administration also provided for the money (unsecured) to be provided to Saddam Hussein via the Commodity Credit Corporation in the amount of $5 BILLION dollars.
This was transferred through the Banca Nationale de Lavoro.

We armed our enemy from 1983 through 1992, even after the start of the war. Our troops were sent into an area that the Department of Defense knew they would be exposure to biologicals and chemicals along with depleted uranium.

When our troops returned home, they began getting sick, along with their wives and families. The Department of Defense and the Veterans Hospitals looked the other way, thus kicking our sick veterans to the side of the curb, like dead animals. They were given psychiatric diagnoses and 90% were either offered or prescribed Prozac.

We now have approximately 400,000 sick Gulf War veterans and we believe over 40,000 have now died. The same percentage of sick and dead troops exists for the UK veterans. We have received information that ALL the coalition countries now have sick and dying veterans.

We can not and will not tolerate our veterans being used as cannon fodder and experimental animals. We were vaccinated with Botulinuum and Anthrax because the American Type Culture Collection sold these agents with the support of our Department of Commerce and our CDC (Communicable Disease Center).

The problem with the Department of Defense, the former and current Bush Administration and our own government, is that their credibility has been destroyed in the eyes of not just the veterans, but in the eyes of most of the American people. They lied about the Gulf of Tonkin, the Maine, Vietnam, Agent Orange, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf War and the ensuing illnesses. THEY lied too many times. According to the British and U.S. Gulf War veterans, "the credibility of the Department of Defense is in shambles."

We now wince at the very thought of more of our countries sons and daughters being used as a tool to create and bring into fruition an agenda we can not even imagine. An agenda so horrible because it is borne out of greed, money and power.

We, the American Gulf War Veterans Association and U.K. Gulf War veterans and Families Association salute you for standing strong and resisting a war that "doesn't need to be fought."

We will now concentrate on breaking into the "controlled U.S. media" which will not tell the American people, "Your men are not just sick...they are dying."

Do not think that silencing any of us will silence our story, it will only make us stronger.

Thank you Diggers, Korean and Vietnam veterans for standing proud for your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters in all the coalition countries. Not only do we need to take care of our wounded from previous wars, we need to prevent anymore needlessly wounded who are sacrificed on the altar of "duty and patriotism."

For God and Country,

Joyce Riley, RN, BSN
former Captain, USAF Reserve Flight Nurse
Spokesperson, American Gulf War Veterans Association




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