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Week of DECEMBER 22, 2008


Week of DECEMBER 22 - DECEMBER 26, 2008


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides a timely status report on the continuing collapse of the U.S. Economy.
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Freedom fighter DEVVY KIDD discusses the Supreme Court Justices' cowardice and shirking of their sole responsibility to rightfully address the Obama as a Natural Born Citizen case law. Are these Justices' keepers of the Constitution or tin-horn gatekeepers?
Remember: The Supreme Court Justices took an OATH before GOD to uphold and defend OUR Constitution - - - apparently they care about neither.
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The Power Hour Warehouse will be CLOSED from DECEMBER 24th to JANUARY 5th, 2009.
However, The Power Mall [] will remain open 24/7 for your continued ordering convenience.
Orders placed during this seasonal sabbatical will be immediately fulfilled when the warehouse returns to normal operations on JANUARY 5th.

All of us here at The Power Hour send you warmest holiday greetings and best wishes for a happy, healthy new year! As we at The Power Hour look back over the years, we remember with appreciation our friendly, faithful audience and regular customers - - - who have made daily broadcasting of The Power Hour possible. With heartfelt thanks to each of you . . . .we will be marching into 2009 with "We Will NOT Stop!"



International lecture and legendary researcher/author JOHN TAYLOR GATTO will knock your socks off with this two-hour presentation full of many fascinating facts - - - facts and information you will find nowhere else. You will never guess who the biggest business in the world is - - - Thee Master Corporation??? Purposely driven with: mind control, weapons of mass destruction, designed to fool and designed to cheat. . . .and more.
The Underground History of America available online at

Scientific researcher JOHN ERB returns to TPH to tell the story of what happens to people who uncover harmful information, and some of the methods used to stop righteous people from moving forward into public exposure.

John Erb's past interview: An amazing discovery while going through scientific journals: There is a conspiracy in America. A conspiracy to make Americans fat, and sick, and simultaneously take their money. ARCHIVED at - 3rd hour on April 18, 2008

John E. Erb, author of The Slow Poisoning of America available at


DR. EDWARD CLOSE, Ph.D, provides a two-hour lecture that lays out scientific proof that our universe is both physical and non-physical - - - science and religion can no longer be at odds. Dr. Close has accomplished what no one has ever done before - - - combining scientific fact to prove a God of creation - - - Miracles can and do happen and do so within the laws already accepted by science - and this is a fact.
BOOK: Transcendental Physics (by) Edward Close, PhD Available online "24/7" at
Additional Book written by Dr. Close: Nature's Mold Rx

DR. BRUCE LIPTON provides groundbreaking work in the field of 'New Biology' (the mind/body connection) as he explains the processes by which cells receive information, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts - - - scientifically proving that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.
BOOK: Biology of Belief available at


DR. BRUCE LEVINE provides a political 'pep-talk' because we are all in need of (political) survival strategies to never give up, but take on even more resolve.
Plus, Dr. Levine helps people to focus on what it means to be truly alive, verses going through the motions of living, and the negative emotional connections to a consumer driven society.
BOOK: Surviving America's Depression Epidemic (by) Bruce Levine, Ph.D. available online "24/7" at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 after January 5, 2009.

As a stellar example of never giving up these civilly disobedient Dominican Nuns ARDETH PLATTE and CAROL GILBERT serve as a prime example of what we should all be doing, and if need be as they did, serve 3-years time in federal prison for breaking into the N-8 Minuteman missile site in October 2002, yet they continue to seek to ‘rouse the nation’ for peace and disarmament.
"Americans are largely unaware of the vastness and lethality of U.S. nuclear weapons stockpiles."
Documentary called Conviction available at: doc orderform.htm



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