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Week of DECEMBER 15, 2008


Week of DECEMBER 15 - DECEMBER 19, 2008


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides a timely status report on the continuing collapse of the U.S. Economy and exposes the growing list of skullduggery unfolding daily - - - in this unprecedented heist of taxpayer provided funds - - - of historical proportions.
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Charcoal Expert and author JOHN DINSLEY offers safe prevention protocols and emergency natural, home remedies using activated medicinal charcoal - - that just may save you from a dire health situation. Charcoal can also be used on animals, pets, and even in the garden!
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Additional Book: RX: CHARCOAL (by) Agatha Thrash


KEITH BOLIN, President of the American Corn Growers Association, reports on the precarious fate of America's 650,000 working farmers. Their future is very much in limbo and as the GM, Mortgage, Banking and now VeraSun financial crises expand - - - the question of how we protect and preserve the US farming industry is moving to center stage in Washington and across the country.

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Items of Interest:
* Click Here for a Song Entitled Corn by Tom Harvey
* News Alert on the ACGA call for Federal Policy protections for US Farmers

DEBORAH STOCKTON provides a national action item in support of MICHAEL POLLAN for U.S. SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE; plus provides updates to NO-NAIS activities.


Deborah Stockton, Editor VICFA Voice
Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association
Our purpose is to promote and preserve unregulated direct farmer-to-consumer trade that fosters availability of locally grown or home-produced food products.
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Former astronaut, surgeon, and medical researcher DUANE GRAVELINE, M.D., has dedicatedly blown the whistle on statin drugs and how they are responsible for impairing brain function - - - he has discovered yet another relevant correlation - - - this time to Gulf War Illness.
Click Here for Dr. Graveline's recent Public Comment on GULF WAR ILLNESS AND STATIN DAMAGE

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ROBERT TAKHTALIAN educates on the critical importance of keeping teeth and gums healthy - - - one sure way is using ALL NATURAL products that are actual guardians for your bodies good health.
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WILLIAM SCHNOEBELEN, as a former high-level Mason, reveals secrets he discovered about this organization that lower level Masons never learned about.
BOOKS: * Blood on the Doorpost (by) William Schnoebelen and Sharon Schnoebelen
             * Lucifer Dethroned by William and Sharon Schnoebelen
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             * WICCA: Satan's Little White Lie by William Schnoebelen
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Researcher and writer LEW WHITE discusses the origins of Christmas as a 4000 year-old solstice. What about . . . celebrating Christmas in the traditional fashion?
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             * Lucifer Dethroned by William and Sharon Schnoebelen



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