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Week of DECEMBER 14, 2009


Week of December 14 - DECEMBER 18, 2009


Lew White will be on today to talk about the pagan origins of Christmas and he will share with us what God teaches us in scripture. In his book “Fossilized Customs,” Lew goes into great details outlining the pagan roots of all of our mainstream holidays, the calendar, and many other rituals and teachings that we have taken as biblical.
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Taxes on carbon, the Copenhagen Treaty that may be signed by President Obama and the EPA to declare carbon dioxide a toxic gas, Dr. Nick Begich will be on today to talk about all of this and put it into perspective for everyone. With the news about Climate-Gate appearing all over the news as well as the web, is there reason to believe that our carbon emissions are causing global warming? Dr. Nick will address this and give us his take on the situation. Is global warming causing strange weather patterns? Or is something such as the HAARP facility the cause? We will find out!

BOOK: Controlling the Human Mind (by) Dr. Nick Begich
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George Freund joined TPH during the 1st hour. George keeps us updated on the news in Canada. Every Thursday 8:00pm listen live at The truly beautiful people get their news from alternative sources. Put something wild into your evening news with Conspiracy Cafe. Listen to host George Freund's Podcast:

Crow Creek Indian Tribe has just had their land auctioned off out from under them for supposed back taxes owed. The Crow Creek Tribal Chairman, Brandon Sazue will be here to talk about what has happened to them at the hands of the IRS and the government.
Related article: IRS Sells SD Indian Tribe’s Land to Settle Debt
Contact INFO for Donations:
Brandon Sazue
PO Box 50
Fort Thompson, SD 57339

Brandon Sazue
Ruth Fire Lane House #164
Fort Thompson, SD 57339
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Do you ever think about who is listening to you and why? Roger Tolces does. He is a licensed private investigator specializing in electronic harassment. He can share some tips with us to allow for some added privacy and give us a run-down on how widespread this really is.


Pastor David Meyer joins The Power Hour again this week to share some more insights with us all on what is really going on in America and the world. Pastor Meyer can show us the occult workings that go on all around us and what prophetic signs are visible and unfolding before us.


Do you think the H1N1 has fizzled? Do you think there was too much hype about nothing? Glenn Parnam will be on today to talk about the “other” flu that has hit the Ukraine and seems to have found its way here as well. Will this be the flu pandemic everyone has warned us about? He will share with us what it is we need to do to prepare.
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Is the current taxation system fair to all? Is the system in place with which taxes are charged fair and balanced? Did someone, somewhere in our government move around decimal points so that we are taxed unfairly? Do they even use the correct currency in order to collect taxes? Keith Edwards (The Matrix) will be on with Joyce to discuss this breaking news with everyone on The Power Hour.

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Dan Israel joins us today to talk about the subject of his book “Christianity Unmasqued” and the politics of religion and the religion of politics and the frauds that have been perpetrated against us.
BOOK: Christianity Unmasqued (by) Dan Israel
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Who owns and controls YOU? Do you think you do? Think again. Ron MacDonald will be back with us to talk about the powers that own everything and control everything. They will tell us how the truth will give power back to the people. These topics may anger you, but in the end they should give you HOPE once you understand.
TPH Recommended MUST READ Book: THEY OWN IT ALL (Including YOU!) (by) Ronald MacDonald and (by) Robert Rowen, M.D.
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