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Week of DECEMBER 13, 2010


Week  of  December 13 - December 17, 2010:


They had a dream and they made it happen, John Milandred and his wife abandoned corporate America and began to homestead. They left behind the rat race and joined the land of the living by working the land, growing their own food and living off-grid. John has been sharing with all who will read or listen how they have done it, he shares the ups and downs and hope all learn from his mistakes! A member of The American Preppers Network and The Prepperpodcast - he walks the walk and talks the talk.

The battle is on-going, the lines are drawn and Doreen Hannes is fighting tirelessly for us all against the tyrannical Food Safety Bill (S 510). She will be on to give us her thoughts and updates as this bill bounces around the Hill from House to Senate, back to the House and now headed back to the Senate as an add-on to the budget bill. Doreen also began to live off the land and this bill will certainly impact her as well as all of us who live in America.

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He began with real estate as a teenager and progressed to learning the markets and economics, Daniel Vision has been sharing his knowledge with people in an easy to understand way. He is a member of National Inflation Association as well and they have done a documentary for free on the internet. He is warning people about the effects of hyper-inflation that will surely come about with the policies the Federal Reserve have been implementing
        - full length video "Meltup"
        - full length video "End of Liberty"

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As a Biblical Archaeologist, Jonathan Gray, has a goal - to share with others the truth that has been hidden from us. The truth about not only the bible, but also of advanced civilizations before us that had amazing technology that the ones in charge do not want you to know about because it does not fit in with what they want you to believe. Did you know that the Egyptians bored into granite rock with drills that turned 500 times faster than modern power drills? That they had steam engines? Listen and learn!

Byron LeBeau learned the hard way what the truth was behind the so called 'alien abductions' and what can be done about it. It has been a life long journey and he has written a book about his quest called "The Curs-Ed Net." He will be on to discuss all these things that seem to be in the mainstream news as of late with so many promises of disclosure. Byron also has a radio show to discuss the phenomena and help those that are victims of alien abduction.

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Outspoken Orange Beach, Alabama Mayor Tony Kennon will be on to give us updates on what is really going in the Gulf of Mexico and how this catastrophe is affecting the region. He is finding that many of those that are supposed to help in fact do not and not much help has been forthcoming for the people and the businesses down there.

Robert Merritt is making many death-bed confessions because he wants the world to know what really goes on in government from assassinations to entrapment and set-ups. He was part of COINTELPRO before we knew what it was! He is telling all in a new book "Watergate Exposed" which he is trying to get published and will be available at The Power Mall.
Taking advanced orders now by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon - Fri 8 - 4 Central Time.

Debbie Morrow will fill in for Adam Lock today and discuss "Clean Water Gifts" for friends and family.
Water In The News:
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Fiery and outspoken Lauren from Ohio will be on and she wishes to inspire people to change their ways:
1) What we have to do now.
2) How you can make it happen and how her 'shift' occurred.
3) The story of her father and how he cut her off after her shift occurred - what price she has paid on a personal level by changing.

Joyce and Lauren will open the lines and take your calls during the third hour!
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