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Week of DECEMBER 10, 2007


Week of  DECEMBER 10 - DECEMBER 14, 2007:

MONDAY - DECEMBER 10  -  Ice Storm Rebroadcast of:

Journalist, lecturer, author of Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty, DEVVY KIDD strongly believes that America has passed the point of no return and the situation has greatly advanced to "We the People" AGAINST "We the People" - - we now have a huge problem on our hands.

Retired Duke University professor THOMAS NAYLOR provides updates to "Secession" as it spreads across America - - - because our current Government has become ungovernable and legitimately unfixable, our only path back to FREEDOM is by Secession" - - - State-by-State. Tennessee has now joined New England in full momentum.

This latest conference "represents the far left and far right of American politics coming together."
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Newest UPDATE: To watch the governor consider secession, the correct URL is:

LEW McDANIEL, of Stop Allegheny Energy Power Line, shares critical information that effects every citizen in America about the proposed 400,000-volt transmission power line that will destroy view sheds, potentially harm the pure stream, threaten citizen's health, lower property values, and ruin the complete environment. There is nothing official stopping this project yet - - - when it should be a 2008 election issue.


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN reports on the possibility of gold confiscation, the national debt, the current foreclosure situation, cutting interests rates repeatedly and the negative ramifications of continual Federal bailouts.
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Former talk host and long-time investigative reporter ALAN STANG fully exposes the recently conducted Federal raids on the Liberty Dollar and a mint in Idaho. This must not be ignored, as the Feds are putting good Americans completely out of business - - - from gun distributors, supplemental providers, and basically anyone is at risk who is NOT 'politically correct'.

"The thieves apparently stole not just a mountain of precious metals; they also stole all the records, all the files and computers, so the Liberty Dollar company has no way of knowing who owns what and cannot even communicate with the customers who have been robbed. Indeed, they even stole the telephone manuals, so the company cannot reformat the phones. Needless to say, they froze the company bank accounts."
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Doctor, homeopath, herbalist and nutritionist CAROLYN DEAN, M.D., educates on safe, natural protocols for a variety of health challenges facing massive amounts of Americans each day.
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THURSDAY - DECEMBER 13:  Triple Feature:

BRUCE FIFE, N.D., details the use of palm oil that has been used as both a food and a medicine for thousands of years.
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TREVOR LYMAN and all the Ron Paul BLIMP PEOPLE exemplify the unique Ron Paul phenomenon of personal sacrifice and an abundance of creativity sweeping the country. "Look! Up in the sky: It's a bird. It's a plane. It's ... Ron Paul? "
NOTE: Ron Paul National l Meet-Up Call (Tonight) 12-13-07

** Ron Paul Blimp Launches Friday morning, Dec 14th, 2007 from Elizabeth City, NC.

ADAM LOCK provides "Cooking With Berkey-Part II." It’s the holiday season…are you preparing your favorite dishes using purified water?  You should be..."
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DR. EDWIN VIEIRA, Ph.D., J.D., a foremost authority on the Constitution and the author of Pieces of Eight, discusses the violates of the U.S. Constitution by the Fed and various long-term studies which indicate that the Federal Reserve System , encourages continual war, destabilizes the economy by design, generates inflation (a hidden tax) with their routine counterfeiting and is the supreme instrument of unjust enrichment for a select group of insiders.
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