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Week of DECEMBER 7, 2009


Week of December 7 - DECEMBER 11, 2009



The International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN

Dubai went bankrupt over the holiday, but everyone knows this has been coming, so Bob questions the timing wondering if this was the excuse to further take down the markets? "They know the game will soon end and the dumb sheep will be shorn again. The monetary collapse is on the way. If you read our last issue you know that the elitists expect to devalue the dollar officially by the end of 2010. It could take longer, but it is going to happen. The suspension of the Fed by Congress is on the way as is another war - a war extensive and powerful enough to destroy more than half of humanity. The system as we now know it is in the final state of collapse."

The United States of America, being the largest debtor nation, cannot repay its debts. Because our spending is out of control and cannot be maintained, the death of the dollar will not only affect us, but the rest of the world as well. Everything will begin spiraling out of control and this is the beginning of the end. Violence will soon be on our doorsteps. Prepare now. Bob Chapman calls it as he sees it - but the picture developing now is not pretty.

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On this 68th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, our guest will be Robert Stinnett discussing the deceit surrounding the events at Pearl Harbor. He has written a book about Pearl Harbor titled "Day of Deceit." He is active in trying to enlighten everyone about really happened and why.


Greg Pound - Christian, husband and father. The Pound Family has 5 children, four of whom are in the custody of Florida's Department of Children and Family. The fifth child is with his wife out of reach of DCF. These children should all be home with their mom and dad but that is not the intention of DCF it seems. They have split this family and have ruined lives in the process. Greg will be on the show today to update everyone on their case.

Also joining us in the second hour to continue this topic is Ralph Winterrowd

ANITA UNTERSEE from Heartland Emergency will be on today to talk about freeze dried foods and why every family should have a supply put back. With soaring food prices, freeze dried Mountain House foods are great tasting, simple to prepare and will save you money in the long run. Five reasons for freeze dried food: economic meltdown, no farms-no food, our grocery store shelves go empty, canned foods go bad, and DO YOU LIKE TO EAT?
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Alternate, clean and renewable energy are what Sterling D. Allan is all about, but he is going to be on the show today to discuss a very serious matter concerning implantable microchips. A good friend of his has been implanted, against his will and unknowingly, and now suffers from cancer due to the chip which has since been removed. This is important information for everyone to listen to for at some point in the near future microchips will become a primary focus for us all. Spread the word that not only are these chips part of a beast control system, but they can cause cancer as well.

Pastor William Raymond will be on the show to discuss 501c3 churches and how they have sold out to the federal government for money. He will discuss the ekklesia - local church law and how important it is. Pastor Raymond also gives a testimonial on Prill Beads and Fossil Flour.
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Lauren from Ohio will be joining Joyce today with a very special message to all of the listeners. Lauren points the way to true power through knowledge of the bible and the constitution. Respect the truth - walk the walk not just talk the talk and find the path to freedom through our Creator.

Sherry Jackson is a former IRS agent that learned the TRUTH - Sherry learned that income taxes are not constitutional and now she is in prison. Her husband, Colin Jackson, will on today to discuss what is happening to Sherry. The first Free Sherry Day will be on December 11, 2009 - go to the website to see what you can do to help.
If you would like to write Sherry, you can send your letters (NO bubble wrap, NO cardboard, NO gifts, NO greeting cards with audio to:
Sherry Peel Jackson
FCC Coleman Camp F2
P.O. Box 1027
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Sodium bicarbonate - scary stuff!  Actually, no, it is simple, common baking soda and
DR. MARK SIRCUS, Ac, Ac.,O.M.D. will be on to talk about the benefits of baking soda especially pertaining to this flu season. The benefits everyone needs to know!!
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Author of numerous books on the benefits of coconut, Dr Bruce Fife will be on today to talk about the nutritional aspects of coconut and related products.
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ADAM LOCK discusses clean water for Christmas. Guest appearance - Debbie Morrow will discuss purified water for your family and friends.
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Water in the News:


Former newspaper journalist and author, Jim Marrs will be on to discuss how the NWO agenda is shaping up and moving forward at lightening speed and the similarities with Nazi Germany and the Fourth Reich. The globalist takeover affects every aspect of our lives. Jim also has a new book out he will talk about titled the "Sisterhood of the Rose."

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