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Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2009


Week of NOVEMBER 30 - December 4, 2009


Eleanor White will be on to talk about stalking which in its organized form can destroy lives and moving away from the area does not help the victim. Organized stalking makes the innocent victim become the crazy, mentally ill person which the police do not aid. In the history of organized stalking, COINTELPRO may have a part in this as some of the people targeted may be whistle blowers. Organized stalking can affect every facet of a victim's life and it is difficult to prove and therefore difficult to stop.


George Freund joined TPH during the 1st hour. George keeps us updated on the news in Canada. Every Thursday 8:00pm listen live at The truly beautiful people get their news from alternative sources. Put something wild into your evening news with Conspiracy Cafe.
Website: Click Here to Listen to host George Freund's Podcast
Article: Outside View: The citizen's manifesto by GEORGE FREUND

Does ANYONE in our government follow the constitution anymore? Does anyone in government understand the constitution?  Michael Badnarik teaches classes on the Constitution and he has also run for President of the United States on the Libertarian ticket. He will discuss the class today and give us the low-down on who spoke and how many attended.
To view Continental Congress 2009 which Convened November 11 - 22, 2009:

JEANNIE MITCHELL explains the many benefits of owning and using a ductless furnace during tough economic times. In addition, Jeannie covers the extreme importance of clean breathable air and why the Sun Aire Air Purifier is used in hospitals, nursing homes, mold remediation, and funeral homes - - - you can safely say "Breathing or not - you need one!"
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Bill Mauldin joins TPH to discuss the CONstitutional Treason (proof of the CONstitutional Fraud)
Additional reading:
The Presidents Before George Washington
* The Articles of Confederation - The U.S. Constitution Online

Pastor David J. Meyer
has been writing newsletters since 1981 relating prophecy to current events taking place in our time. Finding and accepting Jesus Christ as a young man after growing up in an occult household where both his grandmother and great grandmother were practicing witches and he himself was involved in astrology, numerology and palm reading, gives Pastor Meyer an insight valued by many worldwide. His free monthly newsletters shed light on the occult goings-on in America and the world today. David J. Meyer is also the pastor of a bible-believing independent Christian church in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.


JEFFREY GRUPP joins Joyce LIVE in the studio to discuss today's hot news items!

ADAM LOCK discusses SNOW. Can you really use it for water? Should you filter it first? The answer to both is YES...we'll discuss why.
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Water in the News:

Be sure to check these interesting cook books:
* Historical Christmas Cookery
* Civil War Period Cookery
* Revolutionary War Period Cookery
* Baking Recipes of Our Founding Fathers

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Activist and author Mike Vanderboegh has been very busy writing his blog and also writing an on-line novella titled "Absolved" fictionally depicting what the "trigger" could be that sets America on the path of civil war. Mike is pro 2nd amendment and has visions of where this country is going and his book is free on-line, but the book will be published soon and will have to be purchased to get the ending!! I can tell you that this book is hard to stop reading, it grabs you and keeps you going, so it will not be difficult to buy it later! He is doing his part to help awaken people to their loss of freedoms and he is an inspiration.
"Absolved" - a novella "warns against tyranny provoking rebellion" - links to finished chapters can be found HERE.



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