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Week of NOVEMBER 17, 2008


Week of NOVEMBER 17 - NOVEMBER 21, 2008:


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides a timely report on the continuing BAILOUTS for all the major Corporate players (the co-conspirators) and that a transfer of wealth of historical proportions is underway. Your 401K has now been stolen - how will this be finagled to appease a gullible public?
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Director of Government Affairs for the American Small Business League KEVIN BARON explains government sponsored FRAUD - - - yet another example of their major modus operandi in stealing from the taxpayers. If Americans can only understand that the very people in charge of protecting rights and laws are knowingly committing fraud on a regular basis - - and appointed gate-keepers never allow knowing citizens to stop the fraud - - - - the proportions and depths are stunning.
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If you have been personally and financially harmed by their fraud, here are the tools for YOU to change the world:
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TPH Reporter TERRY ARRIES shares troubling aspects of our president-elect's national service plans. What is significant is that they have hinted to make it universal - meaning all people of all ages in our society. This is coming from the play book of School to Work and Outcome Based Education . . . and more.

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3. Barrack Obama and Joe Biden's Plan For Universal Voluntary Citizen Service (National Plan Fact Sheet Document)

Freelance Writer Terry Arries has no website:
* Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul, Place of Sacrifice, page 200.
* Stories for the Extreme Teen's Heart, Big T - From the Ghetto to God, (Multnomah Press)
* ABC 20/20, Death Education in the Public Schools, aired 1991.
* Former Contributing Editor, Bible-Science Newsletter, now called Creation Moments, a radio program and 60-year old magazine on the scientific validity of Creationism. Numerous published articles.

ERIC RYDLAND, M.D., D.A.B.P., is serious about getting well naturally by teaching other Pediatricians and developing unique herbal preparations based on children's needs.

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WEDNESDAY - NOVEMBER 19 - Scents of the Season FEATURE:

Essential Oils health advocate TERI SECREST details a beautiful seasonal kit of nine essential oils in a convenient gift package, perfect for introducing the benefits of essential oils to others or enjoying yourself.

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Arkansas farmer RON KLINEFELTER shares his timely and proven gardening tips and expertise on greenhouse building and gardening - - - TPH believes you are going to need it!
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Director of Earthwood Building School author ROB ROY offers a series of escape routes from enslavement (from financial institutions), underscored by true stories of intrepid homeowners who have put their principles into action and created alternatives to the standard consumer life. There are other ways to put a roof over your head!
"As a wave of foreclosures sweeps the country, many people are giving up hope for owning a home of their own. They have good reason to turn their backs on the banks, but not on their dreams."
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ADAM LOCK announces "Cooking With Berkey" The holiday season starts next week...will you be preparing your favorite dishes using purified water? You should be...For all Berkey Products please call 1-888-803-4438 and please be sure to mention that you listen to "The Power Hour with Joyce & Dave" - Thank you!
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In keeping with a previous TPH broadcast on the negative health and associated problems surrounding the wind turbine machines, LISA LINOWES will focus on the larger, energy policy issue pertaining to renewables (which these days is synonymous with Wind).

"My organization,, has focused on this issue for several years; we work closely with families across the country who are facing the prospect of a wind turbines in their community or those now living with the anxiety of the giant structures just within 1000-feet of their homes. Remarkably, the pattern of how these projects come to be proposed, the impact on the communities, the level of opposition, the anger aimed at those raising the hard questions, and the final outcome is one that repeats itself throughout the US, as well as Canada, NZ, Australia, and the UK -- all hot spots for wind energy development."

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