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Week of NOVEMBER 2, 2009


Week of NOVEMBER 2 - NOVEMBER 6, 2009


Week of NOVEMBER 2 - NOVEMBER 6, 2009


Taxation expert PETER HENDRICKSON explains what happened to him in his court room debut being prosecuted and persecuted by the IRS cabal – he was sold out and shipped out. Pete is in real trouble, but “we the people” must continue this battle.

NOTE: PETER HENDRICKSON'S MUST READ BOOK (that was not allowed into evidence) compares the U.S. Internal Revenue Code to the Bill of Rights and proves that the IRS has snookered American taxpayers - - - - knowing their secrets can truly set you free - - - which is EXACTLY why they did not want the book admitted into evidence!
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SOFIA SMALLSTORM articulately explains TROUBLE FOR PETE. This is a case (The I.R.S. vs Peter Hendrickson) where the government (IRS) must take out the source of “effectiveness” as their sole reason for persecution. Government agencies (with hidden hatchet-men) have been very busy wiping-out selected individuals – and the numbers of their victims are escalating.

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“The Power of One” - TPH Power Team Listener LAUREN shares with us her life as a former drug representative with a major pharmaceutical company and how her life has changed in so many ways.


1st Hour News and information with Joyce and Josh!

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Life long Essential Oil health advocate TERI SECREST announces a variety of special occasion, limited time only, variety collections of essential oils. For the coming Holiday Season make your money count and give the gift of health. Each of the collections will be detailed for immediate usage.

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Former U.S. Treasury Department and government analyst RICHARD COOK says, “The U.S. is increasingly in a state of political, economic, and moral paralysis, caught as it were between the “rock” of protracted recession and the “hard place” of terminal government debt. The underlying cause of the crisis is in fact the debt-based monetary system, whereby the U.S. ruling class long ago sold out our nation and its people to the international banking cartel of which the Rockefeller and Morgan interests have been the chief representatives for over a century.” Furthermore, “The U.S. economy is locked in long-term decline. We are now in a Treasury-bond bubble financed by government debt. There is no other economic driver out there. I have called it "Obama's Last Picture Show."
Articles Archived by Richard Cook:

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* What Is Money? Part 10: When Money Dies (by) Gary North
* Thomas Greco’s “The End of Money and the Future of Civilization”: A Review by Richard C. Cook

BOOK: We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform (by) Richard C. Cook
BOOK: The End of Money (by) Thomas Greco (coming soon to The Power Mall)

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Long-term food storage advocate ANITA UNTERSEE explains why Heartland Emergency Food is so healthy and nutritious - - - head-and-shoulders above all other long-term food suppliers. "Those who are prepared have acknowledged that things around us have changed, admitting that there is a problem and doing something about it. Take personal responsibility and don’t be their victim."
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DEBBIE MORROW discusses "Cooking With Berkey" The holiday season starts soon...will you be preparing your favorite dishes using purified water?
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Water in the News:


Rick Caylor of Rick's Satellite joins us this morning to give away yet another free satellite system!

“TheGreenSmoothieGirl” ROBYN OPENSHAW is on a mission is to help you achieve fantastic health and energy eating whole foods, 60-80% or more raw, easily and affordably. It isn’t a “diet”; it’s a lifestyle you will never want to quit living!

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JEFF ROBE of BlendTec explains why food processing is so critical to maintain a healthy body and immune system. It is easier than you think and everyone has to buy food – the cure really is in the kitchen!
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STEPHEN ROGERS provides a report on current herbs that have come under attack from the FDA/FTC. We must get vocal or natural substances we require to maintain proper cellular nutrition and keep out immune systems strong will not be available in the near future.
What has happened to our government “Of the People, For the People, By the People” – What are they thinking! That exact phrase comes from Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address", but the idea that governments can only be legitimate when the people themselves control them is much older.

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