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Week of NOVEMBER 1, 2010


Week  of  November 1 - November 5, 2010:


Reporter and co-producer MICHAEL MURPHY explains the full story of a rapidly developing industry called Geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water – all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. These are the never-ending “Chemtrails” that everyone has witnessed time, and again.

“Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 – and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it.”

Joining Michael will be profound researcher, writer and producer G. EDWARD GRIFFIN as he boldly exposes WHO is doing this and WHY…. And worse, all the possible health risks associated with this criminal behavior of spraying.

NEW TPH Documentary: What in the World Are They Spraying? The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Cover-up
Produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger
Warning: Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure.
DVD. 95 minutes. Available by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.

Current related information from G. Edward Griffin:
Here is a video with G. Edward Griffin about the dangers of whole-body scanners and Idaho State Legislator Phil Hart who has written legislation to get rid of the machines and to test their safety (if proven safe, then they could only be used as a secondary screening devices). This video is important because it pinpoints the jurisdiction over the scanners (the States, when health or safety is an issue) and there is a link for Hart's model legislation.

Here is a link for the model legislation:

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“We must move forward cautiously and consolidate each acquired position because already the inferior stratum of society is giving unceasing signs of agitation. [We] must keep the people busy with political antagonisms.”
                                                     - United States Bankers magazine, 1892

The director of the highly acclaimed documentary “Money Masters”, BILL STILL provides a return visit to further translate key points from L. Frank Baum’s infamous book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz verses the very convenient changes made in the MGM classic movie The Wizard of Oz. Oddly, the answer to solve all of our current economic problems was is in his book – the solution to this problem has been with us all along: “Just click your slippers together and say, There's no place like home. There's no place like home.”

“The yellow brick road (gold standard), the emerald city of Oz (greenback money), even Dorothy’s silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers for the MGM 193 movie classic, as intended for a public consumption reason) were the symbol of Baum’s and Bryan’s belief that adding silver coinage to gold would provide much needed money to a depression-strapped, 1890s America. We believe Baum’s symbols represent the only solution to relieve the growing economic hardship here in America – and the rest of the world.”

Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos.
Website: and
NEW DVD: The Secret of Oz available online "24/7"at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.
After viewing Bill Still's award winning movie, "The Secret of Oz," you will never view "The Wizard of Oz" [MGM movie] or our economy with the same child eyed unawareness.

3rd HOUR: OPEN LINES with BILL STILL and JOYCE: To call the show -- Toll-free: 1 800 259 9231 or International: 651-289-4333 X125.

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Although Joyce will be gone for this day's broadcast.  “The Power Hour” offices and warehouse will be open - - and business as usual.

REBROADCAST: 1st and 2nd Hr: GREG MAUZ is a Red-Light Camera activist who sleeps, eats, and breathes automated traffic enforcement. Greg shared timeless, fact-filled data about the FRAUD of red-light cameras being solely used as governmental revenue enhancers – and actually causing accidents and taking lives! The worst part – certain promoters have known this from the onset of the program. Don’t miss this show – and most importantly HOW TO get those cameras out of your intersections!

BOOK: CAMERA ENFORCEMENT – Developing The Factual Picture
Make check/M.O. $25.00 (includes Priority Mailing) payable to:

Greg Mauz
2721 Venado Drive
Christoval, Texas 76935

Telephone: 325-896-2595

Joining Greg and staying with the Red Light Camera issue was Dalton, Georgia MAYOR DAVID PENNINGTON - - - who not only brought the red-light cameras down in his geographical area, but slashed government spending, cut the city’s work force, cut property taxes and business license fees, and operates Dalton, Georgia in the black during these tough economic times.

3rd Hr: Alternative health researcher and advocate TY BOLLINGER clearly explained that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. You’re about to discover the most potent alternative cancer treatments that 94% of doctors don’t even know exist… and that Big Pharma keeps ‘hushed up’ to protect their profits... 

NEW 5th Edition Book: CANCER: Step Outside The Box (by) Ty Bollinger

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TPH Regular contributing guest SHERRY ROGERS, M.D., addresses every day health challenges and the current pharmaceutical new stories you have not been told about.

“My goal is merely two-fold: to protect you from the pervasive profit-directed ineptitudes of “modern” medicine, and more importantly to show you how the body was uniquely designed by our Master to heal, against all odds. Clearly someone up there knew how badly we would poison ourselves in this era and has created enzymes in the human body to detoxify chemicals that were invented yesterday.”

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ADAM LOCK warns about Klebsiella – and its potential sources and effects in ordinary tap-drinking water.
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Water In The News:
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“The only way your world changes is one person at a time – that one person is always You.” - Howard Falco, Author of I AM

KAREN TOSTADO of “DON’T BUY, DON’T COMPLY, ASK WHY” talks about United We Strike and details why she believes it is so important to look around us - - - at all the things we constantly overlook daily - - - - fluoride, gmo's, chemtrails; and the fact that our politicians have okayed all of these things, regardless of what party was in office...........yet our individual power, becoming collective, can (and will) strip away their destructive ends!

Related TPH Companion Material:
 * NEW TPH Documentary: What in the World Are They Spraying? The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Cover-up by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger
 * The NEW Fluoride Book: The Case Against Fluoride by Dr. Paul Connett

All of Jeffrey Smith’s Books on GMO’s
 * Seeds of Deception
 * Genetic Roulette
 * DVD: The World According To Monsanto
 * Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals
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