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Week of OCTOBER 29, 2007


OCTOBER 29 - NOVEMBER 2, 2007:


DEBORAH STOCKTON shares personal stories and provides support to other citizens that have placed their line in the sand over the NAIS Issue by refusing to comply. "Let's take back some of the ground that we've lost to global agendas and government interference."

Deborah Stockton, Editor
VICFA VOICE (The Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Assn.) 
Website:  and 
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Joining Debbie is Michigan rancher GREG NIEWENDORP to provide the latest updates to his on-property invasion by the Department of Agriculture.

Ad hoc Steering Committee for the Public Interest Oregon Lawmen, RAE COPITKA and LOMA WHARTON continue to provide new tools to fight back against governmental agencies, in-bed with banking industries, that are stealing your money and assets by with-holding Constitutional "due process" and just taking under the 'color of law'.

Sample Presentation starts 7-8 minutes in to Douglas, County Commissioners meeting on AUGUST 8; AUGUST 29; and most importantly the public meeting of SEPT. 7, 2007
(also may be available on "youtube")

Related Article: Public Citizen lawsuit over home foreclosures and no "due process"

Companion "Evidence Book and DVD" available by calling 1-877-817-9829, with proceeds back to the Oregon Lawmen to continue this battle.


DR HILDEGARDE STANINGER ("Dr. Hildy"), Industrial Toxicologist/IH and Doctor of Integrative Medicine, reported previously on the terrible affliction known as "Morgellons" and how to identify it. Today's focus will be ideas of what current suffers can do to help themselves and non-suffers may do for protection.

Jerusalem Artichoke Powder
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Air America radio host THOM HARTMANN educates about current persuasive messaging and techniques being used to manage American public opinion and ways to diffuse the "messaging game" by learning effective communication skills.

NEW BOOK: Cracking The Code (by) Thom Hartmann
Additional Good Read: The Edison Gene

Doctor, homeopath, herbalist and nutritionist CAROLYN DEAN, M.D., educates on the critical importance of the hormonal system with emphasis on BCP disruptions, the high rate of infertility and all the drugs used to make these infertility babies -- they are born with all these drugs in their tiny bodies.
For All BOOKS by Dr Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, click below link:
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Decades long Veteran research EDWIN CROSBY returns to TPH to expose a system of branding, or black-listing, a segment of military veterans from bank loans, employment, life insurance policies, etc. - - - and still worse, a system designed to siphon off (stealing billions of dollars) into hidden slush funds.
NEW website now available:

Injustice Exposed: The Secret Code on Veteran's DD214:;article=113857;title=APFN
For additional information:

Items from The Power Hour:
When Technology Fails by Matthew Stein
Basic Country Skills by Storey Publishing
Natural Remedies Encyclopedia by Vance Ferrell

Tax Attorney TOM CRYER explains the good, the bad, and the ugly of the recent court verdict against Sherry Jackson Peel in her fight for freedom against a fraudulent IRS.
Tom's informational websites: 

ADAM LOCK presents some "scary water facts".
"Water In The News":
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Pro-American stock car racer ROGER CARTER was sitting in a Federal prison when he began reading the Idaho-Observer and decided to research himself what the newspaper was reporting. Roger is a witness to what happens when you learn the truth ... and God's protection for those individuals that take that truth public.

Related Idaho Observer Article:

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