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Week of OCTOBER 22, 2007


Week of OCTOBER 22 - OCTOBER 26, 2007:


LEW McDANIEL, of Stop Allegheny Energy Power Line, shares critical information that effects every citizen in America about the proposed 400,000-volt transmission power line that will destroy view sheds, potentially harm the pure stream, threaten citizen's health, lower property values, and ruin the complete environment. There is nothing official stopping this project yet - - - when it should be a 2008 election issue.

Formulator GLENN PARNAM provides updated information, for educational purposes only, on the use of silver for the approaching flu season - - - the best defense is always proactive.

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"The Power Hour" pays a special tribute to TED ANDERSON and all of GCN's highest caliber technicians that deliver GCN programming efficiently and effectively on a daily basis. It is not as easy as it appears. deserves everyone's support!

BRUCE McDONALD presents a simple, practical, non-violent plan to remove the most corrupting influences in our government . . . . Corporate Lobbyists and Career Politicians - - - geographically all of D.C.. They have literally hijacked an entire country for their self-serving agendas.


Author and organic chemist SHANE ELLISON, M.Sc., regularly exposes Big Pharma's secrets, but one of critical importance has moved to the forefront: The Death Threat of ADHD Meds - - - and why our government pushing these deadly drugs on grade-school children.

"We have got a potential public health crisis. I think patients and families need to be made aware of these concerns. This is out-of-control use of drugs that have profound cardiovascular consequences." - Dr. Nissen of the world renowned Cleveland Clinic

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DR BOB BOWMAN, Lt. Col., USAF, ret., weighs in on current events facing our Nation and what we can do to bring them to the forefront in DC.

Article: Duty, Honor, Country 2007 An Open Letter to the New Generation of Officers Serving and Protecting Our Nation By Dr. Robert M.Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret.


DAVE WELLINGTON is an expert on getting back property that the IRS, or other outlaw government agencies, have illegally stolen. In addition, Mr. Wellington is great at going after the third parties, like employers, towing companies and police, that help the IRS and other crooked government agencies steal your property.
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Truth Be Tolled documentary filmmaker, BILL MOLINA, award-winning Hollywood cinematographer, tells why he came to the aid of working-class Texans to produce evidence for all Americans to use in keeping the largest forcible eminent domain acquisition in U.S. history from taking place.

To Take Action, Get Involved:
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ADAM LOCK educates on "Cooking With Berkey-Part I." The holiday season starts next month...will you be preparing your favorite dishes using purified water? You should be...
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DR. BRUCE LEVINE returns (by popular request) to focus on what it means to be truly alive, verses going through the motions of living, and the connections to a consumer driven society; plus, ideas to resist the corporate intentionally created 'science of control' - - - which is "Be Happy!"
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