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Week of OCTOBER 8, 2007


Week of OCTOBER 8 - OCTOBER 12, 2007:


Former Democratic congressional candidate and long-time activist MARCY WINOGRAD firmly states that any preemptive U.S. attack on Iran would be illegal and criminal - - - and is organizing a mass appeal to our military to "Refuse Orders to Attack Iran".
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Law Professor at University of Illinois College of Law, DR. FRANCIS BOYLE offers legal information and political insights for those who protest.

"The point I chose to make was historical. The Athenians lost their democracy to incessant war. The Romans lost their Republic to a dictator. We are not immune to the laws of history. If Americans don't act now we could lose our Republic."

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DR. MICHAEL CASTLE provides his shocking research - that Morgellons are in fact 'Nanotech Machines' running wild in the human body - - - nanorobotic "assemblers" replicate from the inside out, from the digestive system to the skin, and how the composition of chemtrail fibers matches that of some of the fibers found on Morgellons sufferers.

Bio for Dr. R. Michael Castle:
Dr. Castle's
White Paper on Chemtrails (Soon to be updated):

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger (Dr. Hildy)
, Industrial Toxicologist/IH and Doctor of Integrative Medicine, reports on the terrible affliction known as "Morgellons" - - - how to identify it and how to protect from it, plus what current suffers can do.

"Imagine your body pocked by erupting sores, the sensation of little bugs crawling just below the surface of your flesh, and worst of all, mysterious, hideous looking fibers sprouting from your skin. It may sound like a scene from a science fiction movie, but a growing legion of Americans, sixty thousand of them, now suffer from this condition."
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Decades long Veteran research EDWIN CROSBY exposes a previously
undetected system of branding, or black-listing, a segment of former military veterans from bank loans, employment, life insurance policies, etc., - - - and still worse a system that sets up dummy accounts to siphon of (steal billions of dollars) into hidden slush funds.
The documents marked as PLAINTIFF'S EXHIBITS:;article=113857;title=APFN
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JAMES MAY, the foremost expert on stevia's many therapeutic benefits and researcher and writer on South American herbs, discusses the latest news in regard to stevia and the FDA.
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Preparedness expert MIKE JONES shares timely information and provides practical tips about how the average person can get started on a meaningful path to be more and more self sufficient.
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ADAM LOCK educates on “VOC’s.” What are they and why do you not want them in your water. "Water In The News":
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International reporter JOEL SKOUSEN provides in-depth analysis to a variety of news headlines that the mainstream, with focus on the State Department protection racket.

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