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Week of SEPTEMBER 27, 2010


Week  of  SEPTEMBER 27 - OCTOBER 1, 2010


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN will address the current headlines that "the recession's over." Absolutely not! The situation on the ground - in the lives of the millions of people who must survive in today's economy - hasn't changed one iota, except from bad to worse. Still no jobs, still existing is the massive costs of Public Pensions and the increasing wage disparity between government workers and the private sector employees, banking and credit card fraud abounds, not to mention the plan (now) to have the taxpayers bail out all the current “underwater mortgages”, the forces of deflation to inflation already hitting….and major tax-hikes on the horizon! This economy is clearly unsustainable and the depression is not over!
                              "A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always
                               depend on the support of Paul
”    ~ George Bernard Shaw

BILL BULLARD the CEO of R-CALF is the best authority to detail this complicated compliance program known as GIPSA. More importantly, they have learned of an international maneuver that will destroy American owned U.S. cattle feed lots, chicken companies, and cattle processing plants.
80% of all meat packing is done by 4 companies. JBS of Brazil wants it all! This would eliminate a fair competitive market for 60% of the livestock producers.”

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it, and a moral code that glorifies it.”    
     ~ Political economist Frederic Bastiat, The Law [1850]

Subcommittee Sign on Letter; Sept 9, 2010
R-CALF USA's Memo to GIPSA, DOJ and USDA regarding the loss of competition:

R-CALF United Stock Growers of America
P.O. Box 30715
Billings, MT 59107
Phone: 406-252-2516

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International health expert and U.K. author ROBERT REDFERN brings us the latest information Serrapeptase (the miracle of the silk worm), HySorb-Q10, and other most important supplements for a healthy body.
                       'Though you can't go back and make a brand new start,
                        You can start from now and make a brand new end.”

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Don't forget to read Mike Tawse's websites: My Serrapeptase Adventure - Thought For The Day - Mike

Formulator GLENN PARNAM provides information, for educational purposes only, on the use of silver for the approaching flu season - - - the best defense is always proactive. Plus, critical information you need to know about a NEW SUPERBUG
Related Article in the News: New “Superbug” on the Rise; September 14, 2010

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Author KATHERINE LEINER inspires people to change the way they eat, the importance of natural, local foods and continuously supporting local farmers markets – and just perhaps, commit to a whole new way of living.
NEW TPH BOOK: Growing Roots: The New Generation of Sustainable Farmers, Cooks, and Food Activists By Katherine Leiner
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Documentary producer CURT ELLIS knows a great deal about the influence of corn on modern America, including the obesity epidemic (than consumers realize) and the fact that Iowa is growing trillions of bushels of *non-edible* corn to continue receiving lucrative government subsidies. Curt provides a host of some scary factoids about how Americans are literally (now) made of corn.

“The vast majority of the American diet (corn-fed beef, fast foods and processed foods) contains corn derivatives. Much of the corn we ingest is in the guise of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a cheaper alternative to sugar that is produced via a scary chemical conversion involving several toxic acids. HFCS has been directly linked to the current obesity crisis and its impact on Type II Diabetes (the body processes HFCS differently from table sugar).”

Websites:,  and
KING CORN: You Are What You Eat - 90 Minutes Running Time - Director Aaron Woolf and co-writers Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis - available online "24/7" at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon through Friday, 8 to 4 Central Time.

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GEORGE FREUND joins The Power Hour to discuss recent news. Be sure to tune in! Listen to George every Thursday at 8:00pm at
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Survivalist Expert and Author ROBERT PELTON presents solid, no-nonsense life-saving information for anyone facing a major weather event, or other 'un-natural' disaster as a public emergency – with special emphasis on suburban survival.

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Today’s Feature is on:
The Official Urban & Wilderness Survival Guide - the BIG Book!
THE Historical COOKBOOKS Series

Are You Drinking Contaminated Water? Now you can find out for yourself and your family . . .
identifies 8 different, harmful levels, of common contaminants found in tap-water:

* Bacteria - strains of E.coli can cause serious illness or even death.
* Lead - causes developmental harm, neurological and kidney damage.
* Pesticides - from agricultural uses, linked to increased cancer rates.
* Nitrates - from fertilizers and animal waste, causes developmental problems.
* Nitrites - from fertilizers and animal waste, causes developmental problems.
* Chlorine - can increase cancer risk, gives water bad taste and smell.
* pH level - can cause heavy metal (lead) leaching and plumbing damage.
* Water Hardness - causes lime scale and higher detergent use

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ADAM LOCK warns about a super bad heavy metal: Mercury” – and its potential sources and effects of Mercury in drinking water.
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Water In The News:

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Privacy advocates MARK LERNER and legendary Oklahoma Representative CHARLES KEY announce their hot-off-the-press new book and website that addresses our rights, liberty and freedom in the context of what the government refers to as "national security".

“We see the following as some of the greatest threats to these unalienable rights:
* The collection and storage of biometric data into a single global biometric identification system;
* The Trans-Texas Corridor and other Super Corridor systems;
* The Security and Prosperity Partnership effort, in all it's permutations, and the effort to create a North American Union;
*  The overarching effort called Sustainable Development/Agenda 21, a mechanism under which all these threats operate.”


This Constitutional Alliance is a coalition of individuals and groups committed to preserving state and national sovereignty, the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property as pronounced in the Declaration of Independence and protected under the Bill of Rights.

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