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Week of SEPTEMBER 14, 2009


Week of SEPTEMBER 14 - SEPTEMBER 18, 2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN explains what COMEX is and what would happen if it completely collapsed. Recently two key developments have begun, the Chinese government's promotion of gold and silver to it's public as an investment, along with China's intention to renege on its OTC derivative contracts covering certain commodities, and how this relates to a coming collapse of COMEX. Plus, how this also relates to CEO of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, INC, OBAMA coming SPEECH ABOUT FINANCIAL CRISIS ON MONDAY; AFTER DOING '60 MINUTES' ON SUNDAY...
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Dr. FREDERICK GRAVES, J.D., returns to explain the critical importance of record keeping for court purposes, and building a solid documentation trail, and what you need to have entered into record at specific times - how the "appeals process" works.
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Author and Speaker PERRY A~ ARLEDGE, owner and founder of The Living Clay Company, provides an insightful introduction and understanding of therapeutic clay. Perry A~ shares the latest information on stopping needless amputations, balancing pH levels in the human body, and clay for emergencies (injuries, sores, blood flow and more). In addition, Perry A~ also draws on her university studied agriculture and animal husbandry to teach healthy ways that calcium bentonite clay can detox the human body, be used on animals, and even beneficial when added in your garden soil.
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Additional Clay Book:
The Clay Cure By Ran Knishinsky

* YouTube: How to Mix Living Clay Detox Powder into a Liquid Form
* YouTube: How to Mix Living Clay Detox Powder for Clay Baths


Scientific research journalist and activist ROSALIND PETERSON has a breaking news alert about a huge Chemtrail experiment taking place now...and in the coming months ....unless "we the people" take corrective action to stop it!"Right now, our U.S. States Government, Inc., and The Pentagon are orchestrating our OWN destruction".
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RUSS DIZDAR expertly monitors "monarchs" (pre-programmed mind-controlled agent provocateurs) and "SLEEPERS" that exist and are in-place across the country ("D.I.D.'s") ready to be unleashed through hypnotic messaging and signals. Russ will also tackle these questions: How does a New World Order come to control so many people? Why is there a massive rise in mind control? Why are thousands seeking help with 'voices in their head'?

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Long-term food storage advocate ANITA UNTERSEE explains why current incidents surrounding farming could result in no food on your table. Heartland Emergency provides the finest bulk long term storage emergency food available. "Those who are prepared have acknowledged that things around us have changed, admitting that there is a problem and doing something about it. Take personal responsibility and donít be their victim."
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Executive Director for Veterans for Due Process, PHILIP CUSHMAN won a critical case, a LANDMARK legal decision, on compensation for all backlogged VA claims (estimates at One Million) for those who were injured in the line of military duty.
Websites: and
Articles of Interest:
* Determined Cushman scores veterans benefits victory
* VETS WIN LANDMARK DECISION: Due Process Guaranteed for First Time
* Cushman v. Shinseki: Constitution Requires Fairness in Veterans Disability Claims -
   Read the Full text on Findlaw: Cushman v. Shinseki offers hope to a great many Americans!

JEANNIE MITCHELL explains the many benefits of owning and using a ductless furnace during tough economic times. In addition, Jeannie covers the extreme importance of clean breathable air and why the Sun Aire Air Purifier is used in hospitals, nursing homes, mold remediation, and funeral homes - - - you can safely say "Breathing or not - you need one!"
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ADAM LOCK discusses "Fall Sediment." Fall begins next week. Along with pretty leaves comes more potential sediment in your water.
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Water in the News:


Doctor ROBERT ROWEN returns to TPH to share critical strategies for safely eliminating a host of toxic metals and toxic chemicals from the human body. If chronic infections seem to plague you - it's time for a detox!  What about those nasty FORCED Vaccinations?

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