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Week of September 12, 2011


Week of SEPTEMBER 12 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2011:


Robert Chapman of The International Forecaster believes that we will be in for a rough September - insolvency in the European nations, gold ups and downs showing major market manipulation and the end of QE2. The GDP is dismal and this week has many breaking events. An escalating European crisis involving a multitude of players, the Obama jobs plan and whether the Fed will have QE 3 or an equivalent. Markets are unstable and the global economy is rocking. All are being manipulated behind the scenes.

TPH regular monthly farm reporter DOREEN HANNES continues with another installment of the ongoing saga of the targeted lemonade stands. Children selling lemonade on those hot summer days is a sight associated with all things American and THAT is being shut down because it is believed that if you don't have a license, then you are a danger. But some out there are fighting back and taking a stand. On another front, now it would appear that hay is a problem adding to global warming, tune in and find out why hay is being targeted and what it may mean for you.

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September 12, 2011 (hour 1) - News LIVE with talk show host Joyce Riley
September 12, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest Bob Chapman
September 12, 2011 (hour 3) - Guest Doreen Hannes


William Rodriguez was the last man to make it out of the Twin Towers that fateful day ten years ago on September 11, 2001. At risk to his own life he aided firefighters by leading them up stairwells and unlocking doors along the way thereby saving hundreds of lives. William has made it his goal to aid those affected by this tragedy and to spread the truth of the 911 horror.

Fabrizio Bivona was a first responder whose life was forever changed that September day in 2001 as he responded to the call for help with his firefighter/responder squad to the Twin Towers. He is the lone survivor of his group and has compiled a collection of photos, stories and artwork entitled "Gone But Not Forgotten: Tributes To Voices Not Heard." Hear this unique story from the perspective of a survivor and learn how this has affected his life.
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* 911 Synthetic Terror
* 911 Blueprint for Truth

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September 13, 2011 (hour 1) - News LIVE with talk show host Joyce Riley
September 13, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest William Rodriguez
September 13, 2011 (hour 3) - Guest Fabrizio Bivona


LA Marzulli discusses current events and how they relate to the biblical end times and the coming judgment. LA discusses the Watchers and their part in these times and his insight regarding whether or not we will have an 'alien' encounter shortly to usher in yet more change. Find out how all things occurring today relate.
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September 14, 2011 (hour 1) - News LIVE with talk show host Joyce Riley
September 14, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest LA Marzulli
September 14, 2011 (hour 3) - Guest LA Marzulli & Open Lines


Bestselling author of "Flood Your Body With Oxygen," Mr. Oxygen - Ed McCabe has found that we do not get enough good oxygen into our bodies at the cellular level. We are surrounded on every front by pollution and chemicals that attack our cells, destroying them and this leads to disease and a myriad of health problems. We can make a difference in our health and he will share how to give our cells what they crave.
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September 15, 2011 (hour 1) - News LIVE with talk show host Joyce Riley
September 15, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest Ed McCabe
September 15, 2011 (hour 3) - Guest Ed McCabe & Open Lines


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September 16, 2011 (hour 1) - News LIVE with talk show host Joyce Riley
September 16, 2011 (hour 2) - More news and Open Lines
September 16, 2011 (hour 3) - Open Lines and Rick Caylor from Rick's Satellite



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