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Week of SEPTEMBER 10, 2007


Week of SEPTEMBER 10 - SEPTEMBER 14, 2007:


BOB SCHULZ speaks out about the court order at the Web site and the Judge who ordered the turn over of all names of those who purchased materials about the illegality of income tax.
Article: Judge Orders a Web Site Selling Tax-Evasion Advice to Close

Formulator GLENN PARNAM provides information, for educational purposes only, on the use of silver for the approaching flu season - - - the best defense is always proactive.

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Rae Copitka and Loma Wharton return to TPH: This spectacular panel of researchers, actual participants, and judicial educators believe strongly this is the correct direction that every hard working Americans MUST become aware of to protect themselves, their property, assets and heritage. This may be just the medicine to stop the current Corporate/Government tyranny in it's corrupted, insatiable take-over.

Douglas, County Commissioners Board Meeting Webcasts -- Watch the Public Meetings on your computer!!
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Political author NAOMI WOLF is issuing a message of urgency and a call to action for each of us who loves this country and all it use to symbolize. "Most Americans reject outright any comparison of post 9/11 America with the fascism and totalitarianism of Nazi Germany or Pinochet’s Chile. Sadly, the parallels and similarities are too compelling."
NEW BOOK: End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot
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Author, researcher and lecturer HOWARD STRAUS believes the numerous problems with Chinese imports does not compare to how "we are poisoning ourselves". The critical importance of knowing how to eliminate these toxins from the body is imperative.
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CHARLOTTE GERSON, founder of the Gerson Institute and daughter of Max Gerson, MD, shares a proven alternative therapy out there that has a 65-year record of success with thousands of fully-recovered patients. 

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International health expert and author, ROBERT REDFERN details a most important enzyme, Blockbuster Allclear, plus outstanding updates on the health benefits of Curcumin in your daily dietary regimen.
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Mike Tawse joins TPH to discuss the amazing story of how Serrapeptase has been improving his health since January 2006.

ADAM LOCK provides a current update to "Water In The News":
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Scientific researcher and contributor AMY WORTHINGTON continues on her path of radiation awareness, actually "radiation sickness", by providing two courageous radiation victims, IllA GARCIA and MARY JASSO who will reveal the details of their personal suffering in order to warn others.

Article of Interest: Germany warns citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi

Action Item: What We Can Do!

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