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Week of AUGUST 26, 2013


Week of August 26 - August 30, 2013:

MONDAY - AUGUST 26, 2013:

Open lines for breaking news.

DAN CARLSON of Sonic Bloom joins The Power Hour to explain one of the most unique and effective ways to grow just about anything. His father, Dan Carlson Sr. created Sonic Bloom. Sonic Bloom is a proprietary audio, organic nutrient plant growing process that was developed by Dr. Carlson to assist the farmer, particularly with low water availability and poor soil conditions. When properly applied, sonic stimulation affects plant metabolism at the cellular level and increases the size and number of stomata on each leaf, resulting in a greatly increased absorption rate of moisture and nutrients - an effect that is quickly reflected in root growth, seed-germination, plant growth, and yield.

"Twenty Years of Research Creates New Technology to Accelerate the Growth and Yield of Crops"
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Today's Show is Audio Archived at:
August 26, 2013 (hour 1) - News LIVE with host Joyce Riley
August 26, 2013 (hour 2) - Open Lines - What's on your mind?
August 26, 2013 (hour 3) - Guest Dan Carlson explains the purpose of using Sonic Bloom + Open Lines with topics:  "What can we do to stop a war" or "What are you doing to preserve YOUR health"


1st Hour Rebroadcast: We all use spices to cook with but they also heal better than many herbs, fruits or vegetables! BHARAT AGGARWAL PhD, professor at the the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, has done groundbreaking research in the area of spices and healing.
Book: Healing Spices: How to Use 50 Everyday and Exotic Spices to Boost Health and Beat Disease

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2nd Hour Rebroadcast: A topic you are not hearing about in the mainstream media is RFID tracking and the recent victory over the "Student Locator Project" at the Northside Independent School District. President of The Rutherford Institute and author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, JOHN W. WHITEHEAD will be joining TPH today to discuss this recent victory and how America has become a lockdown nation, and we are all in danger.
Website:  &

3rd Hour Rebroadcast: SGT. JIM RAMM (retired) is in The Power Hour studio today Jim detailing the fantastic results he's had using the Youngevity products over the last 12 months, including losing almost 70 pounds with the ASAP and 90forLife protocols! SGT. JIM RAMM found his path, answers and the results he desperately needed and will share his personal testimony today. Coming from a former marine and retired police officer, this is a must listen to show.
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Today's Show is Audio Archived at:
August 27, 2013 (hour 1) - Rebroadcast of Bharat Aggarwal
August 27, 2013 (hour 2) - Rebroadcast of John Whitehead
August 27, 2013 (hour 3) - Rebroadcast of Sgt. Jim Ramm


SCOTT TIPS will be joining The Power Hour to discuss health issues that are detrimental to our freedom such as the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act and Codex Alimentarius.
Article of Interest: DÉJÀ VU – SENATOR DICK DURBIN ONCE AGAIN ATTACKS SUPPLEMENTS! Reintroduces his "Dietary Supplement Labeling Act" as S.1425 By Scott Tips
Document: NHF Codex Overview (May be used as an article or printed as a handout to educate on Codex)

Skin problems can manifest in so many ways and make so many folks miserable but RON SALLEY has formulated some products that change lives! So, quit hiding and start healing!

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Today's Show is Audio Archived at:
August 28, 2013 (hour 1) - News LIVE with host Joyce Riley
August 28, 2013 (hour 2) - Scott Tips explains Codex Alimentarius + Open Lines
August 28, 2013 (hour 3) - Open Lines + Guest Ron Salley discusses skin problems and how Miracle Skin Products will help

THURSDAY -  AUGUST 29, 2013:

CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS of The Solari Report will join The Power Hour to discuss The Central Banking fraud. Tune in for an excellent analysis on what is happening and what is coming economically.

The Solari Report is a live one-hour briefing with Catherine Austin Fitts which takes place 3-times a month on Thursday evenings at 9:00pm US Eastern time, 6:00pm US Pacific time.  Subscribe to The Solari Report now

CONGRESSMAN WALTER JONES will join The Power Hour to discuss what is currently going on in legislation. Get your questions in early for Congressman Jones!

Latest News:

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Today's Show is Audio Archived at:
August 29, 2013 (hour 1) - News LIVE with host Joyce Riley
August 29, 2013 (hour 2) - Guest Catherine Austin Fitts shares with the listeners an excellent analysis on what is happening and what is coming economically
August 29, 2013 (hour 3) - Congressman Walter Jones discusses what is currently going on in legislation


Feel good Friday with Joyce and Josh!!!

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Today's Show is Audio Archived at:
August 30, 2013 (hour 1) - News LIVE with host Joyce Riley & Josh
August 30, 2013 (hour 2) - Open Lines
August 30, 2013 (hour 3) - Open Lines




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