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Week of AUGUST 25, 2008


Week of AUGUST 25 - AUGUST 29, 2008:


Psychotherapist and author JUDITH BARR analyzes people, as in the current case of Senator John Edwards, on WHY people lie. "If we aren't aware...if we normalize it, the abuse of power can creep into our lives under our radar."
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Herbal healthcare professional, WAYNE ELLIOTT shares timely herbal remedies and the historical uses on a wide variety of herbs, plants and plant enzymes.

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President and Founder of The Institute for Molecular Medicine, DR. GARTH NICOLSON, PhD, educates on the role of chronic infections and the devastating consequences in the variety of roles they can play out in the human body; plus things you need to understand to help your own physician, to help you better.

DR. GARTH NICOLSON, PhD is one of many expert guest speakers at:
The Tenth Annual Conference of The Common Cause Medical Research to be held: AUGUST 29, 30 and 31, 2008:
[Master of Ceremonies is Dave vonKleist]
Contact information: or 705-673-0726

JEFF LOWRANCE provides USA Tomorrow - - - a uniquely NEW and factual national newspaper providing real news that the Main Stream Media won't dare touch - - - and shares his exciting story of hope for America.

For a preview and more information: 
Liberty in Our Lifetime!


"The Grass Roots Guy" JOEL BLACKWELL provides tips and critical techniques on how ordinary people get what they want from Government. If you want your message heard, or to be counted, there are strategies that must be utilized.
BOOK: Keep on Voting After the Election (by) Joel Blackwell
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Tennessee's 2nd Congressional District CONGRESSMAN JOHN J DUNCAN, Jr., shares information on what it is like to be an elected representative and explains the inner workings of a Congressional office.


911 Truth Activist LES JAMIESON reports on the NYC Ballot Initiative to place a new, truly Independent Citizens' Investigation of September 11, 2001, with full subpoena power and the ability to take under oath testimony, on the November Ballot in New York City (30,000 signatures required).

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DVD: 911 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions - SOFIA
DVD: The Pentacon by the “Citizen’s Investigation Team”
DVD: Last Man Out DVD by William Rodriquez

DOUG SPLITTGERBER, CPT, helps people to realize that they have been given the most incredible body to live in and explains the science of stretching and strengthening as an ongoing gadget-free approach to a longer, healthier and pain-free life.
"Your body is the only thing that you and you alone have control over. Your body requires that you give it direction in everything you do, whether at work or play."

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ADAM LOCK provides cooking tips on Grillin’ with Berkey:
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Water in the News:


MARTIN PYTELA shares a variety of ways to energize and restructure your bath water or skin care products "Your body is an amazing, naturally self-correcting system. Work with it, and achieve tremendous self healing."

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