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Week of AUGUST 17, 2009


Week of AUGUST 17 - AUGUST 21,  2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN reports on how the economy is still tanking into oblivion; Tax revenues are falling the fastest since The Great Depression; Deficits are rising to record highs never before imagined; Obama's drop in public opinion due largely to spending trillions more on universal healthcare, cap and trade, and soon... a second stimulus. Why is Wall Street doing so good, lately?
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"Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men’s protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper.” – Ayn Rand, “Atlas Shrugged”

Chemist and author RAYMOND FRANCIS comments on the current National Health Care debate with such issues of how it might affect the insured and uninsured with treatment availability; but most importantly, if you keep your cells healthy you won’t have a great need. Self-health prevention is going to become increasingly critical.

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Prominent Law School Dean LAWRENCE VELVEL provides a variety of historical events that provide evidence of how Government and Corporate America's continued secrecy has backfired with disastrous results.
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Today's Related Article: CULTURE OF SECRECY BACKFIRES (by) Dean Velvel

PURSLANE formulator ELSIE BELCHESF details "The Weed That Heals". Find out where it grows, what it looks like and particularly what enormous health benefits it can supply.

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Constitutional advocate and truth-guider BILLY-JOE MAULDIN explains what Trust Funds are: Who has them? Why would you want a Trust?
"Trusts aren’t just for the affluent. Setting up a trust is an excellent way to control what happens to your estate, regardless of its size, to possibly reduce estate taxes and protect against the expense and aggravation of probate. Trusts can be a tremendous way
to protect your privacy, too."
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MARK MULLER of Max Motors in Butler Missouri joins TPH.  Mark is the owner of the Missouri dealership who was giving away a free AK-47s with the purchase of any truck.
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Former polygamist wife IRENE SPENCER, survivor of one of the most horrifying sects of Mormon fundamentalism in American history, exposes just how easy it is to be controlled by a charismatic, religious leader. There are religious groups that offer a kind of brainwashing, that allowed for the abuse of women and children. According to Irene the practices are growing.
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ADAM LOCK discusses "Water in the News."
News items relating to water that made the news in the past month (July):
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Live with Guest Host FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE

Book Author and Talk Host FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE has a lively three hours planned with several surprise guests.

1st Guest:

Dr. Brian Czech, economist, proponent of Steady State economics and author of “Shoveling Fuel into a Runaway Train”. You may reach his website at Center for Advancement of Steady State Economy: and become a member to sign the petition.

“Americans have been conditioned to appreciate, cheer, and serve economic growth. Brian Czech argues that, while economic growth was a good thing for much of American history, somewhere along the way it turned bad, depleting resources, polluting the environment, and threatening posterity. Yet growth remains a top priority of the public and polity. In this revolutionary manifesto, Czech knocks economic growth off the pedestal of American ideology. Seeking nothing less than a fundamental change in public opinion, Czech makes a bold plea for castigating society's biggest spenders and sets the stage for the "steady state revolution."

2nd Guest:

Bromwell Ault, founder/editor of Center for Public conscience. West Palm Beach, FL. Author of: Eminent Disdain: The Triumph of Cynicism over Integrity in 21st Century America. THE TRUE CRISIS IN AMERICA: "Good government should produce an atmosphere of national responsibility and opportunity created for the people by the combined efforts of their elected representatives. Divisions will always exist as to government's direction, and decisions must be resolved by the objective application of both personal and political integrity. The structure of government should be firm and open, and should not be burdened by becoming a proving ground for either individual or party ideology." Politics is one thing. Good government is quite another!

3rd Guest:

Richard Heinberg, author of THE PARTY’S OVER, PEAK EVERYTHING AND BLACKOUT. Richard Heinberg speaks and writes extensively on America’s growing dilemmas of shortages from water to oil to gas to resources. You may reach him at The Post Carbon Institute: 

In Richard Heinberg’s “Peak Everything: Waking Up to a Century of Declines,” readers face sobering realities concerning the end of the “Age of Oil.” Heinberg alerts Americans with, “Peak oil refers to that moment in time when the world will achieve its maximum possible rate of oil extraction; from then on, for reasons having mostly to do with geology, the amount of petroleum available to society on a daily or yearly basis will begin to dwindle. An increasing number of analysts agree that it is happening now.”

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