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Week of August 13, 2007


Week of AUGUST 13 - AUGUST 17, 2007 :


Top radio and TV personality, prolific writer and researcher, FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE explains how American citizens are no longer self-governing in Hazleton, Pa., where a federal judge struck down locally voted law as "unconstitutional". Find out what Frosty has uncovered in the corrupted judicial system and what citizens must do now, especially in Pennsylvania!

Ever popular ANDREW GAUSE reports on Congress' plan to eliminate the US one-cent piece by requiring merchants to round the prices of goods and services to the nearest nickel in all cash transactions. "The new COIN Act will indeed lighten the pockets and purses of consumers, but in more ways than they think," says Gause, author of "The Secret World Of Money."

Andy also will "bring home" what it would mean to working Americans WHEN China crashes our dollar... how that works, what it will feel like, and China's other sites.

The Thirteenth Article of Amendment:

Read HR 5818 at:

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1st Hour: News Live With Dave!

2nd & 3rd Hours:  Re-Play of Monday, Aug. 13, 2007 due to technical difficulties.

Documentary producer JOHN HANKEY has been moved to August 31st.


Producer CRAIG RANKE announces what Citizens Investigative Team has obtained from direct contact with September 11th eyewitnesses, first responders, victims, authorities, as well as complicit operatives - - - stories never heard before.
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Decades long researcher, consultant and reporter of environmental health issues, SUSAN CLARKE has gained valuable knowledge of the cell telephone industry and her findings contradict purported cell-phone calls by hijacked airline passengers on September 11th.


Live from San Diego, Charlotte Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute and daughter of Max Gerson, MD, shares a proven
alternative therapy out there that has a 65-year record of success with thousands of fully-recovered patients.
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ADAM LOCK reports on the growing backlash against bottled water.
Is it for real? Why is this important?
"Water In The News":
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DAVID BAY, Director of Cutting Edge Ministries, discusses fascinating history behind the origins of America and the significance of location, buildings, symbols, and layout of Washington, DC.

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Dan Israel decries the incursion of pagan ritual and Satanic systems into the faith of the Bible and dares to broach two volatile subjects, religion and politics, exposing the hidden agenda between the politics of religion and the religion of politics.
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