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Week of August 6, 2007


Week of AUGUST 6 - AUGUST 10, 2007 :


Mike Tawse joins TPH from the UK sharing his amazing story of how Serrapeptase has been improving his health since January 2006.

, an independent analyst and writer on military, foreign policy, national and international security issues, and brings to light the typical "Do As I say - Not As I Do" mentality of the U.S. Government, especially in Iraq.
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Monetary expert STEPHEN ZARLENGA strongly professes that America's Money Power has been usurped and completely privatized. It MUST be returned to the Congress where it can be used to promote the general welfare, instead of private corrupt agendas. And interestingly believes the Minnesota bridge collapse is a direct effect of the privately controlled money system.

Each September AMI holds a Monetary Reform Conference at Roosevelt University in Chicago: 

TUESDAY - August 7:

2nd Hour: OPEN LINES: To call the show--toll free: 1 800 259 9231 or International: 952-707-9960 X125.

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Director of Mind Justice and one of six Non-Lethal Weapons experts in the world with the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, CHERYL WELSH explains the feasibility of antipersonnel electromagnetic weapons on the battlefield and current feasibility of remote surreptitious tracking and targeting of individual human beginnings via satellite: Mind Control.

US CODE: Title 50,1520a -- Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents.

Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, MARJORIE COHN is extremely concerned about the Bush administration's blatant disregard of both constitutional and international law.

"Kellogg Brown & Root, a Halliburton subsidiary, is constructing a huge facility at an undisclosed location to hold tens of thousands of Bush's "unlawful enemy combatants. Americans are certain to be among them."

BOOK: "Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law" (by) Marjorie Cohn; published in 2007 by PoliPoint Press.
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From the U.K. Institute of Science in Society, DR. MAE-WAN HO unravels major AIDS myths and provides an effective strategy for diagnosis, prevention and therapy. Find out what AIDS patients have in common with the disappearing honey bees?
BOOK: Unraveling Aids (by) Mae-Wan Ho
Lecture By Captain Joyce Riley: Gulf War Syndrome, Biological Warfare Conducted on U.S. Military Members, and Corporate Bio-Genocide Levied on the Planetary Population

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ADAM LOCK provides a current update to "Water In The News":
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Author and leading raw food nutrition authority DAVID WOLFE educates on the unique healing abilities of a raw food diet for ultimate health, longevity and beauty.

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