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Week of July 30, 2007


Week of JULY 30 - AUGUST 3, 2007 :


Texan grassroots organizer and political activist TERRI HALL has met the true enemy of "we the people" and it is every elected official, and worse - - - those political lapdog "appointees" at local level.
"In current American Government, clearly the People have NO Representation."
DVD: Truth Be Tolled Documentary

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PURSLANE formulator ELSIE BELCHESF details "The Weed That Heals" and the newest healthy products it can provide for your body. Purslane Capsules, Tincture, Cream, Powder, and Clove Capsules and NEW body Deodorant.
Clarence Eddy's BOOK: PURSLANE - - -"The Weed That Heals" All available by calling 1-877-817-9829 or


Professor Emeritus of Genetics , University of Western Ontario, DR. JOE CUMMINS sheds a massive amount of light on the disappearance of the honeybee from the environmental (colony-collapse) to the political culprits. Find out how the bees immune system is becoming injured, much like that of the human body, and the synergy at work which magnifies further injury to death.

Beekeeper of 44 years and owner of a major beekeeping operation, DAVID HACKENBERG details the numerous challenges being faced on behalf of all American beekeepers.
Google Video: What is killing the bee population?  
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                            Forget the spy mystery -- what's killing the bees?
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Former NASA analyst RICHARD COOK exposes yet another governmental cover-up - - this one involving the 1986 "Challenger" explosion - - and the great lengths agencies will go to in advancing other agendas, in this case, to militarize the space program. Plus a behind-the-scenes look at how employees carry on as business-as-usual. "The space community is huge, complex, and very secretive. NASA places a high premium on obedience and loyalty."
BOOK: Challenger Revealed (by) Richard Cook
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LOU PARADISE details "TOPRICIN" as a natural pain relief (cream) and alternative to dangerous over-the-counter topical pain medications. More Americans are finding out that not everything on a grocery store shelf is safe - despite the FDA saying it is so.
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Award-winning reporter JIM REDDEN predicted how politicians, law enforcement agencies, private corporations, politically-oriented non-profit organizations, and the establishment media are working together to build the most sophisticated surveillance society in history when he penned his 2000 book entitled SNITCH CULTURE.
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ADAM LOCK provides a current update to Water Scams. "Like anything else, there are those who prey on people who don't understand water filtration. We'll look at some of the more outrageous scams out there."

"Water In The News":

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TOM CRYER is a recent victorious attorney over the IRS, with a court room jury, contending "show me the law" and is spreading the message that the IRS does NOT want you to hear. Everyone needs to help him build on this victory and make "Show Me the Law" a national battle cry!
Click HERE to read Tom Cryer's free copy of the 104 page memorandum. (this is a .pdf file)

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