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Week of JULY 20, 2009


Week of JULY 20 - JULY 24,  2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN explains how this incredibly massive debt can never foster real economic wealth creation, nor be resolved by a SECOND (Third, Fourth or More) STIMULUS PACKAGE. Continuing stagnant wages, no jobs, no purchasing power, and no consumer confidence will create dire inflationary consequences. about even more hush money for AIG. "Today’s credit crisis finance bubble will make the residential and commercial bubble look like a joke."
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Internet activist BRUCE McDONALD has witnessed a new wave of citizen involvement and encourages everyone to pick something and DO something about it!  The timing could not be better.  Plus, Bruce lays out the correlation to organized crime (a true syndicate, cartel) and the United States Government, INC.
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DR. ERIC LEWELLYN, a noted expert on nutrition and holistic health from the United Kingdom, details tackling specific health challenges; such as blood sugar levels and diabetes, NATURALLY. Dr. Llewellyn will scientifically tell you which ones and why certain nutrients must be enhanced for individual's with specific health challenges.

JASON DERKEVICS discuss how diet can heal the body and how nutritional supplements can stop the degenerative process and simultaneously promote true healing. Grown By Nature Nutritional Supplements, in the blue glass bottle, available online "24/7" at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.


Secret Government money and ledger expert WALTER BURIEN lays it all out - - - on the massive fraud of "the monetary takings" - - - as the public was masterfully entertained with distraction, misdirection, and misinformation due to the money involved. This takeover by government was primarily orchestrated by attorneys, both private and acting from within the Judiciary on the city, county, and state level.
"GOVERNMENT OWNS IT "ALL" BY INVESTMENT. Now the Key Question is: Do you own Government? Or, does Government own you?"

Click Here for the entire show with Walter Burien from today - commercial free (About 1 hr 8 minutes long)

THURSDAY - JULY 23 - Re-Broadcast FEATURE:

News Hour Live with Guest Host PASTOR BUTCH PAUGH of

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Expertly health conscious TERI SECREST pays extra attention to your health and explains why your immune system is one of the most important, and hardest working, systems in your body. In these uncertain times it is wise to do as much towards preventing life-threatening illness, as is knowing things you can do to achieve a full recovery once it hits. It is equally important to realize that nature trumps commercial and synthetic prescriptions, and even worse preventative vaccines.

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FRIDAY - JULY 24 - Re-Broadcast FEATURE:

News Hour Live with Guest Host FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE of 

2nd and 3rd Hours Rebroadcast of:
HANK GILBERT reports on how ORDINARY TEXANS STOPPED Governor Rick Perry’s plan to create the largest tax increase in Texas history. These wonderful citizens halted Texas roads from being sold to foreign corporations by simply getting involved.
Contact: Hank Gilbert, Board Member, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF), President of Piney Woods Subregional Planning Commission, (903) 570-3613

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Secret Government money and ledger expert WALTER BURIEN focuses in on the fraud taking place in California; however, common to ALL States.
ATTENTION: WALTER BURIEN will be the guest on JULY 22nd for a special 2-hour "Understanding CAFRA" educational feature.

Cowboy MACK LOUDEN is one of the leaders in the fight against the Army's plans to expand Colorado's Fort Carson (already the Army's second-largest training base) alleging it needs more space (6.9 million acres) to train troops for combat in Iraq and Afghanistan (despite of the fact that Obama depicted himself as an anti-war President who will bring our troops home). What they are NOT telling the public is this acquiring, the taking of private propert under eminent-domain, is for an INTERNATIONAL MILITARY BASE! Mr. Louden is a Plaintiff in a Federal lawsuit against the Army - - - and TPH salutes him!
Also Google: Not One More Acre




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