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Week of JUNE 22, 2009


Week of JUNE 22 - JUNE 26,  2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN reports on the swift passage of The Federal Reserve's new and increased power- - -Officially Establishes Banking Dictatorship In United States.
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PAUL GRIGNON exposes the bankers' and their fraudulent system of charging "Interest on Computer Key-Strokes" - - - Bailouts, stimulus packages, debt piled upon debt - - - Find out how we got into a situation where EVERYONE is in Debt to the bankers. And now, all of a sudden, the bankers claim they have no money and we the taxpayers, have to rescue them by going further into debt ourselves. Are the banks really broke?
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DR. CASS INGRAM discusses the politics behind the new man-made flues and diseases and what you must do to protect yourself.
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LIVE from The Emerald Isle, PATRICK HERON is going to take us on a wild ride as the New World Order fully emerges before our very eyes. Patrick will speak about distinctions, counterfeits, symbolism (the beast having ten horns and seven heads with ten crowns on his horns. What does this mean) - - - And may even reveal who the Anti-Christ is. Who is he, is he a man on Earth today?

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Spokesperson for saving the Internet, TIM KARR regularly exposes continuous threats to free Internet access ("Net Neutrality") as the nation's largest telephone and cable companies — including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner — want to be 'Internet Gatekeepers', deciding which Web sites go fast or slow and which won't load at all. Then if that does not work freeze them out with pricing.
"When we log onto the Internet, we take a lot for granted. We assume we'll be able to access any Web site we want, whenever we want, at the fastest speed, whether it's a corporate or mom-and-pop site. We assume that we can use any service we like — watching online video, listening to podcasts, sending instant messages — anytime we choose."   Think again.
Protect Your Liberty and Get Involved:
Otherwise this will happen:
* Tilt the Web’s level playing field to favor the Web sites of corporate partners;
* Deploy content-sniffing devices that would randomly open and sift through our private Web communications;
* Impose usage penalties on people who use the Web for more than simple e-mail and Web surfing;
* Block innovative Web services that compete against their phone, cable and entertainment products; and
* Disconnect users for any reason or without justification

STEPHEN ROGERS shares his discovery on how you can heal faster, increase your life expectancy, boost your energy level, better maintain homeostasis, improve your mental clarity, strengthen your immune system, and handle stress easier — naturally with the power of Adaptogens.

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Health Researcher WAYNE BLAKELEY educates on the powerful use of specific bacteria (probiotics) in your daily life, with emphasis on how your garden can benefit as well.
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ADAM LOCK discusses “Just Say No To RO.” Discussion on Reverse Osmosis and why we it can be dangerous to your long-term health.
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DR. RAND PAUL is both a defender of Liberty and a Medical Doctor, and is very concerned about the plans the Obama Administration, and many in Congress have, to increase the government’s role in healthcare. When we hear talk of Socialized Medicine - - - exactly what would this entail?

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