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Week of June 18, 2007


Week of JUNE 18 - JUNE 22,  2007:


Economics expert ANDREW GAUSE reveals who's selling America's infrastructure, who's buying it, and who's pocketing the multi-million dollar commissions. America's infrastructure is going, going ... gone to the highest bidders.

"Several states are also considering privatizing their statewide lotteries," says Gause. Here's a partial list of American assets recently put on the international auction block:
Asset Leased to private investors for:
* Indiana Toll Road: $ 3.8 billion
* Virginia's Pocahontas Parkway: $ 611 million
* Austin Texas toll road: $ 1.3 billion (construction and maint.)
* Chicago Skyway: $ 1.8 billion
* Midway Airport Chicago: pending
* New Jersey Turnpike: pending
* Illinois, Indiana, Texas State lotteries: pending
* US Mint: pending

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Major USAR (Ret) GLENN MACDONALD reports on current military corruption and their continual efforts of “political correctness” tailor-made news for mainstream consumption.


Writer, reporter and author JAMES BOVARD continually speaks out on the increasing dictatorship and transient mass delusions by detailing the rising number of sticks and shackles the politicians and bureaucrats are using against citizens - - - producing the ultimate servitude. "James Bovard has become the roving inspector general of the modern State." Wall Street Journal.
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Ret. Col. GEORGE NELSON reports on the undeniable tracking of all airline parts, with indestructible serial numbers posted on indestructible parts, as positive proof to the specific planes used on September 11th and why he felt so strongly as to go on record with 911 Ripple Effect.

TED ANDERSON - of Genesis Communication Network, provides timely information to help everyone prepare for uncertain economic times - - - and ways to protect your precious assets.


World-renowned vaccine expert DR. SHERRI TENPENNY teaches essential facts that everyone needs to understand in order to spare future vaccine-induced injuries. Books and DVD by Dr. Sherry Tenpenny are available online "24/7" at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.
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DR. MOHAMMED DAUD MIRAKI - Exposes the suffering of the Afghan people, the endless lies of the Bush administration about the post-Taliban Afghanistan, and the disaster brought upon Afghanistan by the United States of America - - - The claims of reconstruction in Afghanistan is nothing but a total fraud. Bravely Dr. Miraki details the failure of the US government at all levels in Afghanistan. Most importantly, he exposes the genocide committed by the US government through the use of uranium weapons and the consequences of these weapons of mass destruction particularly
congenital deformities.

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The following is video taken in Afghanistan:

DEBBIE MORROW provides a current update to "Water In The News":
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JAMES MAY, the foremost expert on stevia's many therapeutic benefits and researcher and writer on South American herbs, discusses the many uses of stevia and the powerful health effects of specific teas for particular health concerns. Plus, some major breaking mainstream "stevia news" - - - that TPH has stated for years!
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Article of Interest: Coke, Cargill team up on new sweetener



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