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Week of May 28, 2007


Week of MAY 28 - JUNE 1, 2007:

MONDAY - MAY 28 - MEMORIAL DAY Rebroadcast of:

Activist and documentary producer SOFIA SHAFQUAT discusses WHY the subject of 9/11 meets with so much mainstream resistance. "Have we been shaped or created into a disinterested populace? To what extent are our media, education, entertainment and environment engineered? What is happening to our ability to exist as independent, thinking human beings?"

DVD: 911 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions available by online at: or by calling 1-877-817-9829

PETER BREGGIN, M.D., explains how your current prescribed drug may be your current health problem, the critical importance of knowing how to safely withdraw from them and healthy alternatives. Plus, the hazards of biological psychiatry - - - - the hazards and myths.


Founder of The Campaign for Healthier Eating in America and author
extraordinaire JEFFREY SMITH shatters the biotech industry’s claim that genetically modified (GM) foods are safe. Jeffrey details why children are most at risk, how to avoid GM foods, false claims by biotech advocates, how industry research is rigged to avoid finding problems, why GM crops are not needed to feed the world, the economic losses associated with these crops, and more!
Website:  - coming soon

NEW BOOK: Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods and Other Books by Jeffrey Smith

* The GMO Trilogy and Seeds of Deception (DVD, CD and Book Set)
* Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals and Seeds of Deception (DVD and Book Set)
* Seeds of Deception (Hardcover)
* Hidden Dangers In Kids Meals

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Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and nationally-renowned health expert BYRON RICHARDS. C.C.N., will discuss protecting your GI tract from genetically modified and pesticide-tainted food. He will explain how GI Soother, GI & Muscle Helper, and Daily Balancer support healthy digestive function. He will gladly take your calls and share with your personal concerns. To call the show--toll free: 1 800 259 9231 or International: 651-289-4333 X125.

Website: or by calling 1-800-717-9355.


Dr. DANEEN PETERSON explains how the formation of the European Union (EU) is the 'blueprint' being used to construct the North American Union (NAU). In an act of tyranny, our government is illegally creating the NAU by using secret meetings and deceptive double-speak to hide their pernicious, TREASONOUS, INCREMENTAL STEALTH plan to merge America into a total World Government.

United States Representative VIRGIL GOODE (R-VA-5th District) is working to protect a Constitutional America - - - our heritage and our country - - - by providing legislation to stop the North American Union.


Cattle breeder and owner of a 160-acre farm in Michigan, GREG NIEWENDORP, whose land is now under quarantine (and facing $50,000.00 fines and up to 5 years in jail) because of his refusal to go along with the National Animal Identification System (NAIS), provides updates to "new" implementation of NAIS and the RFID Tracking Chip. This is a classic example of who the enemy operates - - - and it is NOT "C.O.O.L"!

"A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people." - - - Declaration of Independence

Open Letter to Department of Agriculture Mitch Irwin, Michigan Director

NAIS NEWS in OTHER STATES -- State by state information!

For additional information on "No to NAIS" :
Websites:  and      
        [technical documents and state groups located on right side bar]

DR. CASS INGRAM reports on current health issues and precautions everyone can take to protect themselves.
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ADAM LOCK provides a current update to "Water In The News":
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FRIDAY - JUNE 1 - ReBroadcast of the original March 6, 2007:

ARTHUR FIRSTENBERG, founder and director of the Cellular Phone Task Force, explains how wireless technology, and its accompanying radiation, have gotten totally out of control.

Article by Arthur Firstenberg "The Largest Biological Experiment Ever,"
published in the Sun Monthly, January 2006.

On 9/11, WILLIAM RODRIQUEZ single-handedly rescued fifteen (15) persons from the WTC, and as Rodriguez was the only person at the site with the master key to the North Tower stairwells, bravely led firefighters up the stairwell, unlocking doors as they ascended, thereby aiding in the successful evacuation of unknown hundreds of those who survived.



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