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Week of MAY 26, 2008


Week of  MAY 26 - May 30, 2008:

MONDAY - MAY 26 - MEMORIAL DAY Rebroadcast:

Polygamist's wife
IRENE SPENCER, a fifth generation polygamist, shares her account of being the second of ten wives and the mother of 14 of her husband's 58 children. She eventually escaped from her polygamist community, which practiced a fundamentalist offshoot of Mormonism. The group didn't offer religious freedom, but a kind of brainwashing, that allowed for the abuse of women and children.
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Retired Major Dr. DOUG ROKKE continues to expose the Depleted Uranium (DU) contamination, dumping, and it's impossible "clean-up" - following it straight into the State of Idaho.
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International Health Crusader
PATRICIA BRAGG shares generational knowledge about the numerous health effects that pure organic apple cider vinegar can provide to the human body.

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DAN CARLSON, joins Patricia Bragg, as they wondrously explains how harmonic sounds and nutrients come together to provide the most amazing vegetables on the planet!
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Austin Attorney
JUDITH McGEARY and TAARON MEIKLE, the president of the Legal Defense Fund and Farm-to-Consumer Foundation, announce that it has sent a notice of intent to sue to both the USDA and the Michigan Department of Agriculture - the only way to truly STOP the Animal ID Program!
"We really need to get the word out about the suit and raise support for the Fund."

PRESS RELEASE: Legal Defense Fund Moves to Stop Animal ID Program; Files Intent to Sue Letter with USDA and Michigan Department of Agriculture

Mind-control expert
RUSS DIZDAR addresses the recent religious cult-type raids, the mind-control techniques used on members and the future problems for these children.


MIT Engineer
MATTHEW STEIN helps America to prepare for possible future instabilities, or failures in technology, by providing much needed alternative information to survive any catastrophe.
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ELAINE DELACK tells her story of being an MS sufferer herself and her development of Prokarin in her book, "They Said It Didn't Make 'Cents'-MS The Prokarin Story".
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ADAM LOCK provides "Water In The News." Current news items relating to water: 
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JIM PURCEY returns to tell all Americans how to protect their assets by creating TRUSTS - - - the same way the rich protect their wealth from lawsuits, collections, or government taking.

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