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Week of MAY 24, 2010


Week  of  MAY 24 - MAY 28, 2010


Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster seems to get things right in all things economic and he will be on to discuss all of the newest intel concerning the bailouts overseas as well as the new Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC). The list of names appointed to this council should be enough to raise your blood pressure to near stroke levels!

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The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a horrible catastrophe environmentally as well as economically and Captain Kelly Sweeney has much experience when it comes to all things concerning maritime ventures. He will share his intel and also tell us how dangerous the dispersants really are. Listen to the show for some interesting little tidbits Kelly has to share!

TUESDAY – MAY 25 – SPECIAL Health Testimonial FEATURE:

Some hot breaking information has surfaced concerning the web bot project and Jeff Grupp will join The Power Hour with Joyce to fill us in for a special broadcast! MASSIVE was the word Jeff used to describe what he has found...

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Live from Spain award winning investigative journalist DANIEL ESTULIN return’s to continue exposing the scurrilous activity happening behind the curtains, exposing the propaganda and psychological warfare tactics being used to enthrall us, to divide us - - - to rule us. Today’s focus, how our governments and their intelligence agencies are working with international drug dealers and terrorists for mutual benefit and profit: As a Corporation.


Books by Daniel Estulin:

 * Shadow Masters
 * The True Story of The Bilderberg Group
 BOTH available at:

Related Information:
 * Opium and the CIA: The CIA’s Historic Responsibility for Global Drug Trafficking! Banks and Drug Money Laundering!
 * Drugs, terrorism and shadow banking; Mar 26, 2010

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Space should be peaceful - it looks peaceful and Bruce Gagnon wants to keep it that way. But, governments around the world want to send weapons into space and there is no oversight - what do we need to know and are we safe? How about sending lasers into space and what can happen with that? Find out... - Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space Related article - Star Wars Meets Reality? Military Testing Laser Weapons Review Sites Flaws in U.S. Antimissile Program


Living in the United Kingdom, Dr. Eric Llewellyn is a renowned holistic health expert and he wants us to 'hear the truth' about supplements, the truth we 'want' you to know about. We are what we eat, and since we are of nature we should only eat foods in their natural forms. Not all supplements are 'Grown By Nature'... but they should be!

Jason Derkevics will join Dr. Llewellyn for a bit to share a new product with us and what it can do for you! They will also discuss how natural nutritional supplements can promote true healing.

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ADAM LOCK discusses 'Hurricane Season.' The season officially starts on June 1st: 2010 Hurricane Season Predictions are out. The first week of June is also Hurricane Preparedness Week. We'll discuss the predictions and why it's important to be ready. Are you ready?

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This SPECIAL TPH MEMORIAL DAY broadcast is to honor all American Servicemen deliberately left behind, into the most unthinkable existence.
To all families of POW-MIA and to our POW-MIA's: "You Are Not Forgotten" and Never will be.

Please listen to this song:  I Am The Unknown Soldier
NOTE: The song begins a minute or so after the visual introduction, so a little patience will be required and well worth this minor delay.

Historical researcher and author ROBERT W. PELTON serves as reminder to the shameful, Washington-engineered, betrayal of thousands of American fighting men - - - many no more than teenagers and just out of high school - - - who were abandoned in the Vietnam tragedy; the Korean War and all the way back to World War II. There is a distinct pattern here tied to big moneyed interest and foreign trade.

NEW BOOK: UNWANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: The Betrayal of America POW’s Following WWII, Korea , and Vietnam (by) Robert W. Pelton
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The Lord says: Don't cry any longer, for I have heard your prayers and you will see them again; they will come back to you from the distant land of the enemy. There is hope for your future says the Lord and your children will come again to their own land.
~ Jeremiah 31:16-17




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