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Week of MAY 12, 2008


Week of  MAY 12 - May 16, 2008:


New World Order expert DR. ADRIAN KRIEG believes we are in historic times, both economic as well as political. The convergence of our present situation may well be cataclysmic.
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International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN shines a very different light on the mainstream economic news pundits who are deliberately, and desperately, trying to create a false reality concerning the dire conditions in America.

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Researcher and lecturer DR. NICK BEGICH will discuss the latest in mind control, electronic telepathy, and ESP, and the growing research into manipulating how the brain works [called brain mapping].
BOOK: Controlling the Human Mind (by) Dr. Nick Begich
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Polygamist's wife IRENE SPENCER, a fifth generation polygamist, shares her account of being the second of ten wives and the mother of 14 of her husband's 58 children. She eventually escaped from her polygamist community, which practiced a fundamentalist offshoot of Mormonism. The group didn't offer religious freedom, but a kind of brainwashing, that allowed for the abuse of women and children.
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STAN DEYO talks about all the recent earthquake, and cyclone, activity and his discovery of an unmistakable grid pattern formed by the recent Nevada earthquakes, believing this was not a naturally occurring event, and even suggested the quakes may have been intentionally triggered by scalar weapons.

PICTURE: Unnatural Grid Appears in Nevada Earthquakes

"Someone has done something to make this earthquake series happen," Deyo said. Larger image and more info available at

For highlights and predictions from this convention; plus, updates and information on current earth changes.
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DR. MICHAEL CASTLE cannot wait to share his recipe - - - one of his best inventions - - - on an all-natural HERBAL GASOLINE ALTERNATIVE. Dr. Castle, along with others, has been using these all natural compounds for years to power lawnmowers, generators, CARS...and anything else that requires traditional gasoline.
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THURSDAY - MAY 15 - Special Health FEATURE:

DON SCOTT provides further evidence that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and its fatal 'mirror image', Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) were discovered, developed and deployed by the United States of America.

"Strangely, both echoed a promise made on June 9, 1969 by the United States Department of Defense Committee of Congress: within 10 years the Pentagon could have two new bioweapons - one disabling and one fatal. CFS and AIDS! Congress voted money and by 1981 CFS and AIDS began to present. Today CFS disables at least 5 out of 100 citizens of the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, while 8,000 people a day die of AIDS."

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NEXT annual Common Cause Medical Conference to be held AUGUST 29, 30 and 31, 2008:
[Master of Ceremonies is Dave vonKleist]
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DR. LEN HOROWITZ returns to continue on with "Aids-Part Two and Man Made Genocide" and what steps people can do - - to try - - - in restoring their bodies back to a natural healthy state.

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RON BRANSON [of Jail4Judges] is putting the federal judiciary in a panic - - - as he explains how the court systems throughout our country are in a world of hurt from a variety of reasons and now collapsing under their own weight.

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