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Week of MAY 11, 2009


Week of MAY 11 - MAY 15,  2009


Idaho Eagle Forum JANE LESKO provides a report about a current fact-sheet posted at The Department of Homeland Security - - - - is this the pretext for Marshal Law, possibly coming soon, to America?
Jane's related information about today's broadcast:  * National Level Exercise '09

UPDATE from Jane's last visit with TPH on the topic of GPS quadrant gathering by the U.S.:
* Census Bureau and the tagging of all Americans' front doors
* ALERT - UN Census - Census GPS Coordinates for United Nations GIS database
* PDF document on the UNSTATS (United Nations Statistics) website - The title of the document is: Integration of GPS, Digital Imagery and GIS with Census Mapping.

Career military HAROLD WILLIAMS teaches everyday citizens how to survive Martial Law and what to do when societies degrade to riots, food and bank runs and civil liberties are taken away. "Everyone needs to understand what's happening and what you need to do when deadly crisis hits our country. Martial Law is as certain as gravity. Prepare for Military will change your life overnight. You must be ready."

BOOK (Updated Edition): SURVIVE MARTIAL LAW available online "24/7"at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.


Major Obama supporter LLOYD CHAPMAN, President of the American Small Business League, shares with us his heartfelt betrayal by President Obama, and now believes many of Obama's campaign trail promises were intentionally empty . "Aren't you the guy that is supposed to create millions of new jobs in America? How do you expect to do that if you won't even address the
rampant fraud and abuse in existing federal economic stimulus programs for the firms that create 97 percent of ALL NEW JOBS."

Related Article: Dear President Obama You Lied To Me
For continual updates and information on SBA please visit

Live with DAWN WELCH being arrested in her own home, even though she had paid her mortgage, and the conversion bank had NO EQUITY, and the Judge HAD NO JURISDICTION, by Hillsboro, Missouri Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer and his posse - acting with full police power but NO AUTHORITY.

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This Includes The Power Hour & The Alex Jones Show!

Must See YouTube: Rep. Marcy Kaptur: Foreclosed owners should  squat in their own homes

YouTube: Dawn on The Power Hour -- GCN Caller Arrested For Trespassing In Her Own House


MARTIN PYTELA announces a revolutionary product to enhance water in a variety of ways - - - for an even larger variety of purposes. This is the key to natural healing, and the maintenance of health.
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Live with DAWN WELCH and JIM PURCEY on the beginning, to the end, to all levels of government's Corporate Cartel.
The corporation gig is up....stay tuned.

Click Here To Listen to all of today's Dawn Files! -- This Includes The Power Hour & The Alex Jones Show!

YouTube: Dawn on The Power Hour -- GCN Caller Arrested For Trespassing In Her Own House

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Rep. Marcy Kaptur: Foreclosed owners should  squat in their own homes

MUST SEE VIDEO - Sheriff Glenn Boyer says he will support truth squad! - This is the sheriff who arrested Dawn Welch!!!

AUDIO Clips:  KJFF interview with Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer

Misuse of government power, particularly in times of stress, has brought suffering to humanity in all ages about which we have authentic history. Some of the world's noblest and finest men have suffered ignominy and death for no crime — unless unorthodoxy is a crime. Even enlightened Athens had its victims such as Socrates. Because of the same kind of bigotry, Jesus, the great Dissenter, was put to death on a wooden cross. The flames of inquisitions all over the world have warned that men endowed with unlimited government power, even earnest men, consecrated to a cause, are dangerous.

— Hugo L. Black, “The Bill of Rights” [1960]


Joyce has discovered the best tasting long-term food and is making this simple by having owners CHUCK and ANITA UNTERSEE conduct a live in-house tasting debut using The Power Hour staff as tasting guests. You are about to learn that Heartland Emergency provides the finest bulk long term storage emergency food available. "Freeze dried food is the ultimate in storable food, developed by Nasa for the space program. With an incredible 30 year shelf life, it is as tasty as Mom’s home cooking, maintaining nutritional value throughout. Don’t be fooled, dehydrated foods are not the same in taste, or quality!"
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ADAM LOCK discusses grilling/cooking/picnic for Memorial Day. Your food preparation for family & friends should always include water purified by a Berkey system. For all Berkey Products please call 1-888-803-4438 and please be sure to mention that you
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FRED KELLY GRANT exposes how the federal government is moving to take land from Colorado landowners, WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT. This is NOT limited to Colorado, either. Right now, as you read this, valuable time is running on the landowners who are fighting to save their land. These landowners were lured into executing so-called “conservation easements” by Land Trust companies. The Land Trusts looked for big profit made possible by government fear of conversions of agricultural land into residential, commercial and industrial land use. Fred will provide several ranchers and landowners to share their plight and how they had been duped into this huge taking of private property.

Joining Fred will be JILLANE HIXSON, DENI THOMPSON, and DENISE KENNEDY to explain Conservation Easements being placed on real property, redevelopment issues...and Natural Disaster Relief Funds.



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