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Week of MAY 3, 2010


Week  of  MAY 3 - MAY 7, 2010


Highly credentialed investment banker and financial advisor
CATHERINE AUSTIN-FITTS assesses the latest national and international financial fallout and explains why the ‘National Debt’ should matter to each individual American. Most importantly, “Shunning the Banksters” by empowering individuals to exercise choice by leveraging their own personal purchasing power “to impact where money goes, and what it does, and improve the behavior of institutions”. Today you will be made aware of the critical importance to SHIFT YOUR MONEY.
Websites: and
Companion Video: “Shunning the Banksters”

Energetic and empowering
MARC STEVENS shares his incredible grasp of government institutions, breaking away from herd mentality, and encouraging a LAWFUL REBELLION. The motto on his website reads: “Bringing about a Voluntary Society one visitor at a time.”

TPH Recommended DVD: The Cause of Effect: Hijacking Humanity - 2 Disc DVD with Jewel Case (professionally pressed)
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May 03, 2010 (hour 1)
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May 03, 2010 (hour 3)


Fay Crowe joins The Power Hour around 7:30 AM to discuss the RADTriage Badges. NOW available online "24/7"at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.  RADTriage Badges are personal, smart, casualty dosimeters that reliably monitor radiation exposure.

exposes how we have all bought the lie into traditional employment, which can keep us under the control of our employers, and that the only way to achieve the kind of lives we want for ourselves and our own families, as well as to secure our own financial security, is through self employment.

“With a 98% chance of being broke by the time you are 65 regardless of income, having a job guarantees that you never get to enjoy the life you are working towards. It's time to learn to dream again and time to learn how to make those dreams real.”
NEW BOOK Coming in June: “Quit Your Job or Die”.

Author and city-farmer ERIC KNUTZEN is a person who has completed a paradigm shift away from corporate America and into self-reliance and a sustainable future. Eric uniquely focuses on what city-dwellers can do, with limited outdoor space, as he addresses the fear that underlies the desire many people have to become more independent of the economy--the fear of some apocalypse, social collapse, disaster, etc., and he does this with uplifting humor.
Authors Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen happily farm in Los Angeles and run the urban homestead blog:

BOOK: The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-sufficient Living in the Heart of the City (by) Kelly Coyne and Eric Knutzen
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May 04, 2010 (hour 1)
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May 04, 2010 (hour 3)


PASTOR JAMES MANNING, Ph.D., hired private investigators to conclusively prove that Obama never attended Columbia University [New York].
Now, Dr. Manning’s plan has become instrumental in taking it to The People!
Dr. James Manning also hosts ATLAH Live Webcast - "The Manning Report" Live Mon.-Fri. at 12PM - 3PM EST

Trial of the Millennium (The C.I.A. COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition and Treason TRIAL), scheduled to take place in New York City on May 14-19, 2010.
IMPORTANT: You should archive and print out this report for future reference, and for discussions with your family and friends and neighbors as events unfold. Flyers for handing out everywhere can be downloaded here: 
NOTE: The Power Hour Team Member “Bengy” will be at this event and reporting live to our audience on the 14th and/or 17th - - - so stay tuned!
Dr. Manning: We have proof of Obama’s ineligibility - JURY TRIAL MAY 14-19 TO BE “AN INTERNATIONAL EVENT”

Author and C.I.A. researcher HANK ALBARELLI has spent the past 10 years uncovering the dark truths of one rogue government agency called the Central Intelligence Agency and he shares his findings with us starting with the early ‘weaponization’ of LSD as he moves into the current affairs of mind control technologies, anti terrorism tactics, and rendition.
NEW BOOK: A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments. (by) H. P. Albarelli - Available at: 1-800-556-2012 or
Related New Story: CIA used LSD to make French Lose the Loaf By Henry Samuel in Paris; Thursday March 11 2010

Author NICK BRYANT’s new book, The Franklin Scandal, sheds continued light on a specific abusive cult with links to the GOP, the CIA, the Catholic Church, and various DC politicians. Why is it that Nick had to endure police searches, harassment, a death threat, and the usual media blackout whenever this decades old topic comes up? Is this why similarities between the Vatican's current cover-up and what happened with Omaha, Nebraska's failed Franklin Federal Credit Union and the Boys Town organization still plague us today.

The Huffington Post discussed The Franklin Scandal in an article about the current crisis at the Vatican:
"It's exactly the same," he said. "Their M.O. is deny, deny, deny. If any victims come forward, slam them. That formula has been used forever."

NEW BOOK: The Franklin Scandal (by) Nick Bryant - BOOK Available at: 1-800-556-2012 or

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Board-certified ophthalmologist ROBERT ABEL M.D. educates on the connection between eye problems and overall body health. Dr. Abel will cover a large variety of eye disorders and will explain the effects of certain disease and drugs on those and other bodily conditions; as well as natural support and treatment with vitamins, supplements and herbs – perhaps to prevent and reverse major vision disorders.

To call the show LIVE and speak to Dr. Abel -- toll free: 1 800 259 9231 or International: 651-289-4333 X125.
* The Eye Care Revolution
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Formulated by Robert Abel, Jr, MD, is a unique supplement for eye health and vision. Able Eyes can be taken as a stand alone for sight and night vision or in conjunction with your other vitamins and medications.

DEBBIE MORROW celebrates Mothers Day, offering a special to consider giving her the wonderful, everyday gift of purified water.
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Water In the News:

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May 06, 2010 (hour 1)
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May 06, 2010 (hour 3)


Amazing new author ROGER WYNTER has written the most unique book at how most all of the health challenges facing people today, people in every part of the world, have their solutions in simple guidelines written in the Bible. You are about to learn numerous new health-promoting tips and Bible secrets! Plus, incredible “signs” to watch for that Yahweh (God) is on our side, cheering and pulling for us - - - right now - - - as we begin to awaken from our mass slumber!!!
NEW BOOK: The Creator’s Guide to Better Health: The Science Behind Intelligent Design (by) R.E. Wynter
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3rd HOUR: OPEN LINES LIVE with JOYCE: To call the show -- toll free: 1 800 259 9231 or International: 651-289-4333 X125.

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