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Week of April 30, 2007


Week of APRIL 30 - MAY 4,  2007:


ABBE WALDMAN DeLOZIER explains an urgent action item (HR 811) and the
implications of this disastrous bill. We must not stop at anything short of "Hand-counted paper ballots with citizens running their own elections with totals posted at the precinct level" or elections will continue to be stolen.

"We'd all like to think that Rush Holt's H.R. 811 bill, The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act, is a good thing. But just like No Child Left Behind, The Healthy Forests Act, and The Patriot Act, the name doesn't match the reality"

BOOK: HACKED! High Tech Election Theft in America (co-authored) by Vickie Karp and Abbe Waldman DeLozier
Action Item: H.R. 811 is The Patriot Act of Elections

International reporter JOEL SKOUSEN provides in-depth analysis to a
variety of news headlines that the mainstream, commercial controlled
media does not what you to even think about.

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TED ANDERSON, of Genesis Communication Network, provides timely information to help everyone prepare for uncertain economic times - - - and ways to protect your precious assets.


DR. BRUCE LIPTON provides groundbreaking work in the field of 'New Biology' as he explains the processes by which cells receive information, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts - - - scientifically proving that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.
Websites:  or
BOOK: Biology of Belief available by calling 1-877-817-9829 or

Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and nationally-renowned health expert BYRON RICHARDS. C.C.N., provides a timely "Weekly Wellness Update" and will gladly take your calls and share with your personal concerns. To call the show--toll free: 1 800 259 9231 or International: 651-289-4333 X125.
Website:  or by calling 1-800-717-9355.

WEDNESDAY - MAY 2 - 'Sept 11th' FEATURE:

WTC eyewitness WILLIAM RODRIQUEZ reports on the continuing attention and efforts to bring 911 TRUTH to the American people.

Mass DVD distribution and getting them on public access TV:

11th of every month actions:

Putting up 9/11 truth yard signs:

Getting V masks and fireworks ready for War on War Week:

Confronting political candidates and others with Truth Squads:

DVD: 911 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions - SOFIA SMALLSTORM
DVD: 911 In Plane Site
DVD: Loose Change - 2nd Edition


DR. MOHAMMED DAUD MIRAKI exposes the suffering of the Afghan people, the endless lies of the Bush administration about the post-Taliban Afghanistan, and the disaster brought upon Afghanistan by the United States of America - - - The claims of reconstruction in Afghanistan is nothing but a total fraud. Bravely Dr. Miraki details the failure of the US government at all levels in Afghanistan. Most importantly, he exposes the genocide committed by the US government through the use of uranium weapons and the consequences of these weapons of mass destruction particularly congenital deformities.

NEW BOOK: Afghanistan After Democracy available at:
Additional Information:

NOTE: Large percentage of the earning from this book would be spent toward projects in Afghanistan. "Particularly, my hope is to build a hospital with an adjacent research facility".
The following is video taken in Afghanistan:

Hawaiian DOUG FOX exposes and reports on the high levels of Depleted
Uranium appearing in the Hawaiian Islands - - - currently being recorded for a new documentary. Find out how the radiation happened in these locations, what that means to the rest of the world, the health implications.... and if it is happening in Hawaii, is it happening in other areas outside of the Middle East?

DVD Documentary: Beyond Treason available at or by calling 1-877-817-9829.

DR. CASS INGRAM, recently back from Europe, reports on current health
issues and precautions everyone can take to protect themselves. All products discussed during this broadcast are available by calling 1-877-817-9829 or  broadcast available by calling 1-877-817-9829 or

JIM SHEPHERD, Mr. Berkey himself will appear to discuss a brief history of Berkey systems & water purification. For all Berkey Products please call 1-888-803-4438 Please be sure to mention that you listen to "The PowerHour with Joyce & Dave". - Thank you!

FRIDAY - MAY 4 - DOUBLE 'Social Engineering' FEATURE:

Activist and documentary producer SOFIA discusses WHY the
subject of 9/11 meets with so much mainstream resistance. "Have we been shaped or created into a disinterested populace? To what extent are our media, education, entertainment and environment engineered? What is happening to our ability to exist as independent, thinking human beings?"
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DVD: 911 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions available by online at: or by calling 1-877-817-9829

PETER BREGGIN, M.D., explains how your current prescribed drug may be
your current health problem, the critical importance of knowing how to safely withdraw from them and healthy alternatives. Plus, the hazards of biological psychiatry - - - - the hazards and myths.
Numerous books by Dr. Breggin and additional information available at



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