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Week of April 25, 2011


Week of April 25 - April 29, 2011:


International Forecaster
BOB CHAPMAN will separate fact verses fiction on the latest mainstream headlines that the U.S. could default on its debt, add the recent S&P’s credit devaluation……and yet, defying logic, Wall Street soars!
“Many banks are insolvent, yet are allowed to stay in business. Being allowed to keep two sets of books is obscuring their real estate loan problems. This is the shadow inventory you sometimes hear about. Those millions of homes “that exist, but they don’t.” They presently admit to owning some 1 million homes they cannot sell, which is almost 25% higher than last year. If you put everything together you could be looking at an 8-year supply. Making matters worse lenders are holding homes on the books at values 40% higher than what they are worth. This is very similar to what is going on in Spain presently. We’ll say this one more time. Most major banks and some middle tier and small institutions are broke and you are being lied to regarding their condition.”

SHELLY KALNITSKY, Editor of Cell Phone Radiation News Bureau, is extremely upset about recent national news services purposely down-playing the links between increased cell telephone usage and an exponential increase in head (particularly brain) tumors to cancer - unleashing the wireless lobbyists into unprecedented levels of action to quash and misdirect this critical health data from public view.
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** The Wave Shield, was developed in response to the growing concern about cell phone safety. The Wave Shield was designed and tested on phones in a U.S. laboratory listed with the FTC and recognized globally.

TPH Additional recommended Reading:
* Health Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation by Bruce Fife, N.D.
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April 25, 2011 (hour 1) - News
April 25, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest Bob Chapman + Open Lines with Bob and Joyce
April 25, 2011 (hour 3) - Guest Shelly Kalnitsky

TUESDAY – APRIL 26 – SPECIAL ‘Making a Real Difference’ FEATURE:

           Under Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution, the federal government is limited in its powers and authority.

A major POWER HOUR SALUTE to Grant County,
Oregon SHERIFF GLENN PALMER for taking the rightful constitutional stand against the U.S. Forest Service by refusing to sign a “cooperative” policing agreement. Aside from it not being a constitutional directive, it is NOT in the best interest of the people he serves. “The issues include, but are not limited to, how US Forest Service LEO’s treated citizens of this county in October and November of 2010, Travel Management Plan, illegal road closures, grazing, logging, wood permits, prescribed burns, unemployment and other socio-economic issues this community faces today. There is a general mistrust of the federal government by the people of this County, State and Nation.”

TPH Related Recommended BOOK: The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope (by) Richard Mack
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NOTE: This short, but powerful little book, is a must read for all citizens, sheriffs, and government officials that we may all work to return America to the Constitutional Republic. By example from our guest today, ‘The Sheriff’ can make this happen!

MIA STRONG, along with her local food cooperative, has done what no other town in the United States has done. The town unanimously passed an ordinance giving its citizens the right “to produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing.” This includes raw milk, locally slaughtered meats, and just about anything else you can imagine. It’s also a decided bucking of state and federal laws. So, Kudos to the fine citizens of Sedgwick, Maine. May you inspire many other municipalities to follow suit!

TPH Related RECOMMENDED NEW BOOK: Get Up, Stand Up: Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite
By Dr. Bruce Levine Many Americans have lost confidence that genuine democracy is possible, and Get Up Stand Up explains how major US institutions have created fatalism. For democratic movements to get off the ground, individuals must recover self-respect, and a people must regain collective confidence that they can succeed at eliminating top-down controls. Get Up, Stand Up describes how anti-elitists can unite and recover dignity, confidence, and the energy to wrest power away from the ruling corporate-government partnership (the “corporatocracy”). Get Up, Stand Up details those strategies and tactics that oppressed peoples have successfully employed to gain power.
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April 26, 2011 (hour 1) - News
April 26, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer
April 26, 2011 (hour 3) - Guest Mia Strong


Weatherman SCOTT STEVENS shares his research into controlled weather weapons and comments on the numerous current events from earthquakes, the tsunami, raging fires and freakish
tornadoes to chemtrails.
AND Scott’s other passion:
Related Article from the above site: The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon

Audio Archived at:
April 27, 2011 (hour 1) - News Live with Joyce Riley
April 27, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest Scott Stevens
April 27, 2011 (hour 3) - Guest Scott Stevens with open lines

THURSDAY – APRIL 28 – Special HEALTH Feature:

DR CASS INGRAM provides critical information on how to survive a variety of emergency situations, with additional strategies for protecting yourself against chemical toxins in your air, food, and water.

Related Books: Natural Cures for Killer Germs, Natural Cures for Health Disasters, The Miracle of Wild Oregano, and the Cure is in the Cupboa
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3 Newsletters from Dr. Cass Ingram:
* How to Block Radiation-Induced Cancer: the Power of Wild Natural Medicines
* Nuclear Meltdown: Protect Yourself From Dangerous Radioactivity
* Radiation Danger: Protect Yourself With Wild and Natural Medicines

Calcium Benonite CLAY expert PERRY A~ shares the latest information on the use of clay for wounds, emergency first aid and why the “clay bath” has risen in such popularity. For more in-depth information on Calcium Benonite CLAY: 
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*** Surviving A Dirty Bomb Attack - A "Living Clay" Special Report by David Smith - 27 page report -
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Audio Archived at:
April 28, 2011 (hour 1) - News Live with Joyce Riley
April 28, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest Dr. Cass Ingram
April 28, 2011 (hour 3) - Guest Perry A~


JOHN WILLARD explains why his grandfather’s formula named Dr. Willard’s Water® is many things to many people, and is used in a variety of ways.
“What seems to be the common denominator is that Dr. Willard’s Water® is a more efficient form of water. When consumed regularly, Dr. Willard’s Water® can help assimilate nutrients more efficiently, increase enzyme activity and strengthen the immune system.”

TPH Willard’s Water Products:
* Concentrate
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* Gel

TPH Recommended BOOK:
“Dr. John Willard’s Catalyst Altered Water: Health Learning Handbook” by Beth M. Ley

And White Paper:

“Catalyst Altered Water: A Briefing by the Subcommittee on Health and Long-Term Care of the Select Committee on Aging” by the U.S. House of Representatives, Ninety-Sixth Congress (second session).
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3rd HOUR: OPEN LINES LIVE with JOYCE: To call the show -- toll free: 1 800 259 9231 or International: 651-289-4333 X125.

Audio Archived at:
April 29, 2011 (hour 1) - News & Open lines for "Free for all FUN Friday"
April 29, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest John Willard & open lines
April 29, 2011 (hour 3) - Guest John Willard & open lines continues



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