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Week of April 23, 2007


Week of APRIL 23 - APRIL 27, 2007:


Second Amendment specialist DOUG HUDSON speaks up for "Gun Rights vs. Gun Laws" and faces the current government built quandary, brought about by a variety of decade governmental programs, that have shaped a mass dumbing-down educational system to foster “feel-good” mentality over academics; a multitude of legalized drug dependency; cultural brainwashing video games and violence as entertainment; fostering a core populace lacking moral and spiritual character - - - - cumulating in an unprecedented problem in the survival of “The 2nd Amendment that declares the God-given right to be armed "shall not be infringed.”  Quite a dilemma!

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Texan grassroots organizer TERRI HALL announces a national campaign to mobilize citizens in every sate to resist not only the North American Union and to combat privatized toll roads but to educate all citizens to: Double Taxation, Secret Toll Agreements with Foreign Companies, selling OUR public land, roads, and right of way to special interests - - - who's behind them, who's pushing them, and how we can work together to de-elect the politicians who IGNORE the will of the PEOPLE!

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SHERRY ROGERS, M.D., leading Environmental Medicine authority, focuses on complete body wellness by removing environmental toxins that are evading critical areas within the body and causing a huge variety of illness, disease and early death.
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Economics expert ANDREW GAUSE reveals who's selling America's infrastructure, who's buying it, and who's pocketing the multi-million dollar commissions. America's infrastructure is going, going ... gone to the highest bidders. "Several states are also considering privatizing their statewide lotteries," says Gause. Here's a partial list of American assets recently put on the international auction block:
Asset Leased to private investors for:
* Indiana Toll Road: $ 3.8 billion
* Virginia's Pocahontas Parkway: $ 611 million
* Austin Texas toll road: $ 1.3 billion (construction and maint.)
* Chicago Skyway: $ 1.8 billion
* Midway Airport Chicago: pending
* New Jersey Turnpike: pending
* Illinois, Indiana, Texas State lotteries: pending

Do NOT Miss this show...even more NEW information will be made available!

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Wanda Piety updates the listeners on what happened regarding the trucker rally.

AZIZ HUQ covers the Military Commissions Act of 2006 giving the President ultimate authority to detain, degrade (physically and psychologically), and detain forever both citizens and non-citizens. "It is a blank check cashed in the liberties of the country's citizens and in the wasted lives of the unfortunate innocent people swept up in America's global detention system."

Aziz Huq directs the Liberty and National Security Project at the Brennan Center for Justice . He is co-author of Unchecked and
Unbalanced: Presidential Power in a Time of Terror (Hardcover)

Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and nationally-renowned health expert BYRON RICHARDS. C.C.N., provides a timely "Weekly Wellness Update" and will gladly take your calls and share with your personal concerns: To call the show--toll free: 1 800 259 9231 or International: 651-289-4333 X125.
Article by Byron Richards, CCN: U.S. Health Freedom on Verge of Collapse


Ed Brown joins The Power Hour LIVE this morning to give the listeners an update on his IRS situation in which he argued the tax is illegitimate and they are not required to pay it.

Natural Pet Health writer, CJ PUOTINEN educates on holistic pet care using nutrition, herbs and natural therapies not only to prevent premature death, but provides for healthy living strategies towards prevention of illness.
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CJ is a regular contributor to The Whole Dog Journal:
Article: Natural Solutions to Drug-Resistant Infections by CJ Puotinen
A contributing editor for Taste for Life magazine, which is distributed in health food stores. (It's free) And running the nation's first Therapy Dog Camp (to have calm, friendly pets) this October in Valley Cottage, NY and helps run the Hudson Action Alert: Valley Humane Society Visiting Pet Program:

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Health Researcher WAYNE BLAKELEY educates on the powerful use of specific bacteria (probiotics) in the digestive system that are necessary to keep us healthy and alive - - - and how they can also be applied to our pets health and immunity.

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ADAM LOCK provides updates to "Water In The News". Current news items relating to water available online at:

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Fireman and First Responder to the Twin Towers on Sept 11th, VITO VALENTE courageously exposes health issues many believe could just be the tip of the iceberg - ' We're Dead Men Walking'. Will be appearing on The View today,  April 27, 2007 with Rosie.

Psychiatrist JAMES KETCHUM, M.D., recounts the chemical warfare research program he was involved with at the Army's Edgewood, MD arsenal from 1955 until 1972. "Incapacitating agents are designed to save lives," he said. "Isn't it at least something we should be thinking about?"
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