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Week of APRIL 19, 2010


Week  of  APRIL 19 - APRIL 23, 2010


Prolific researcher, economic journalist with detailed analyst of the New World Order continuing processes,
F. WILLIAM ENGDAHL goes far beyond the perils of GMO seeds and into the corridors of power; into the backrooms of the science labs, and behind closed doors in the corporate boardrooms to reveal profit-driven manipulations, massive government corruption and coercion, and the “weaponization” of our very food supply.

"Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people."
   ~ Henry Kissinger in the 1970s

Related Article: Genetically modified foods get U.S. traction, global debate

NEW BOOK: Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation By F. William Engdahl

Additional TPH Companion Reading: Jeffrey Smith's Book: "Seeds of Deception".
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TPH NOTE: Jeffrey Smith’s book is different from F. William Engdahl’s political book. Seeds of Deception exposes the health dangers of GMO consumption. Plus, how the efforts to inform the public have been quashed, reliable science has been buried, and what happened to two distinguished scientists.

From the U.K. Institute of Science in Society
DR. MAE-WAN HO reports on suicide and death by insecticide; killing of herds grazing on Bt cotton in India, Illness and death among villagers in the Philippines, the growing problems linked to Bt cotton on all seeds and in the soil; and the financial devastation after being “sucked” into GM debt, creating the suicides.

“We were cheated by the seed companies. We did not get the yield promised by them, not even half of it. And the expenditure involved was so high that we incurred huge debts. We have heard that the government is now planning commercial cultivation of Bt brinjal. But we do not want Bt seeds of any crop anymore,” said farmer Sahebrao Yawiliker.
ACTION ITEM: Food Safety Bill - Please call your Senators now - Ask for the aide handling the Food Safety bill. Tell the aide about the Tester amendments. At the same time, ask your Senator to oppose this bill until it is fixed to do what it is supposed to do.  Ask them not to give the FDA power over farms. The FDA is already not inspecting even 1/4 of the food facilities they are authorized to inspect. This is a flawed bill.

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 * Farmer Suicides and Bt Cotton Nightmare Unfolding in India:
      The largest wave of farmer suicides and ecological nightmare unfolding around Bt cotton
Percentage of Major Crops Genetically Engineered  in 2009
 * Farmer suicides and cotton nightmare unfolding in India -- The Institute of Science in Society (ISS) found that the largest wave of farmer suicides and ecological nightmare unfolding around Bt cotton. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho of ISS exposes the “fudged” data and false claims of ‘successes’ that have perpetrated the humanitarian disaster.

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GEORGE FREUND will be joining The Power Hour to discuss the new black box evidence regarding the Polish air crash. Be sure to tune in!  Listen to George every Thursday at 8:00pm at
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* Dial 'M' (Moscow) for murder

Veteran Los Angeles lawyer and Co-founder of Jail4Judges, GARY ZERMAN provides a sobering reality of the current courtrooms and that most judges are beholden to special interests, above the written law. There exist a select group of individuals and corporations that can never lose: "Big Law & Super Lawyers". They are well organized, fully in place, a complete buddy-system, and even have their own magazine:

“One may hold all the evidence, the PROOF of fraud, and still not win because fair, impartial courts are not in existence in the vast majority of courtrooms across this country.”
Website:  [note: this site works on and off, if you cannot access try the link below]

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. " -Eph 6:12 KJV

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Author and U.K. Energy Institute member and a chartered engineer RICHARD HOBDAY, PhD, provides fascinating information on the healing affects of natural sunlight - - - the sun is central to our health and healing and no one should ever be afraid of it; especially sunlight—to promote health in architecture and enclosed environments.
NEW BOOK: The Light Revolution: Health, Architecture, and the Sun
   ~ Richard Hobday PhD (Author)
Previous Book: The Healing Sun
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“Vitamin D deficiency affecting two hundred million Americans is not just important for building strong bones but is absolutely needed to prevent and treat our chronic disease epidemic, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, obesity, and autoimmune disease.”
  – Mark Hyman, MD
Related Article: Sunshine vitamin cuts cancer risk by 40%
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TPH Additional Recommended Book: RX: CHARCOAL (by) Agatha Thrash

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DR. DAN JUNKER provides documented evidence on adding FLAX LIGNANA to your daily diet; this unique Omega-3 fatty acids & it's special fiber compounds is excellent for cancer and degenerative disease prevention, it's Phytoestrogens balance hormone levels ,and it also has abilities to remove heavy metals from the body.
NEW BOOK: Flax: The Super Food - Barb Bloomfield (Author), Judy A. Brown (Author), Siegfried Gursche (Author)

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Documentary producer JAMES WENZEL revisits what is hidden in corporate foods with focus on politics, corruption and cover-up.
***If you purchased InGREEDients on April 6th and wish to call in with your comment, please do: Toll free: 1 800 259 9231

“We are digging our own graves with our teeth”
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***Interested parties please NOTE: Part 1 was an Interview with Nurse David Burton and is archived for April 6, 2010 – 2nd Hour. Nurse David focused on the horrible, negative health aspects of trans-fat consumption. Today’s broadcast is Part 2.

Simple TPH recommended food choices (and a little bit of exercise) for major prevention:
Palm Oil, Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil
Related Healthier Cooking BOOKS: Nourishing Traditions (by) Sally Fallon with Mary Enig [ Mary Enig, PhD, is featured in this documentary InGREEDients]
ALSO…Sherry Roger’s  BOOKS:
Detox or Die and Is Your cardiologist Killing You?

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 * Understanding Food Labels - Until you become accustomed to reading food labels, it's easy to become confused.
 * Are you Eating Kosher According to Scripture? List of Foods Clean and Unclean
 * Research - Trans fats, heart disease and atherosclerosis

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LISA EPSTEIN of Florida is “a huge committee of one” who has made it her life mission to shift the stigma surrounding good, hard-working Americans who have been foreclosed upon and to expose the real “financial terrorists” that have engineered the theft of the fruits of millions of American’s savings and daily labor.
Email Blast Alerts:
VIDEO: Foreclosures Crisis: Press Conference on FLORIDA Capitol Steps on Lambasting a stigma and on our way to a national moratorium -- "We rallied in protest of non-judicial foreclosure process legislation written by the Florida Bankers Association and sponsored by the politicians they were able to purchase." Be sure to watch for Lisa in the video.....!!

Florida Lawyer, lecturer and author on Mortgage Fraud Issues, LYNN SZYMONIAK truly understands the foreclosure fraud and tried to file a class-action suit that claimed hundreds of thousands of Assignments are forged and fabricated – but it was recently dismissed in court.
[No surprise for TPH Listeners who heard our April 20th broadcast with L.A. Lawyer Gary Zerman].
This is the crux of the problem that courts cannot seem to grasp, nor accept:
“Lack of standing by banks attempting to foreclose; fraudulent assignments prepared by document mills; false statements regarding lost notes; the many failings of securitized trusts; the complicity of foreclosure law firms; title insurance issues in mortgage fraud.”
Article: Mortgage Fraud

Click Here for Updates on Pete Hendrickson

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