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Week of April 18, 2011


Week of April 18 - April 22, 2011:


GEORGE FREUND of Conspiracy Café returns to TPH to provide his thoughts, comments and warnings on the hottest news items.
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With one million MORE homes now facing foreclosure,
DAVID KRIEGER and Florida Attorney MIKE WASYLIK share property saving survival strategies and “borrowers- rights” information. Focus of today will be on the Federal regulation that allows the banks to trigger a 1099 (as income) on the foreclosed upon - - - adding a huge assault to previous injury.
        "The dam is going to break, more than most people can really fathom. Massive foreclosures are on the way!” – Mike Wasylik

David Krieger Website:

Mike Wasylik Website: 
Florida Legal Website:
***Ricardo, Wasylik & Kaniuk, PL represents people who have been abused and now face the loss of their home – they also perform a forensic mortgage reviews.

TPH Recommended Dave Krieger's Book: CLOUDED TITLES (by) David Krieger
This book discusses the mortgage mess in the United States involving tens of thousands of foreclosures. This book will help you sort out the mess it might have left at the courthouse involving your mortgage (or deed of trust) or to defend your property in other ways.
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Current Related Articles:
*** Forgiven debt such as credit card settlements can trigger a tax bill; USAToday; 03-08-11
*** The foreclosure mess isn’t going away; April 4, 2011

Recent 60 Minutes Segment, featuring some past TPH guests:

Audio Archived at:
April 18, 2011 (Hour 1) - News
April 18, 2011 (Hour 2) - Guest George Freund
April 18, 2011 (Hour 3) - David Krieger and Mike Wasylik


DR. ARTHUR ROBINSON is dedicated in providing self-help civil defense - knowing the basic facts about nuclear weapon effects and what you, your family, and small groups can do to protect yourselves. Our Government continues to downgrade war-related survival preparations and spends only a few cents a year to protect each American against possible war dangers; not to mention, the U.S. lags woefully behind other nations in early warning systems! With aging nuclear power plants across our nation, it behooves people everywhere to be paying attention.

FREE Download BOOK:  Nuclear War Survival Skills
Updated and Expanded; 1987 Edition; (by) Cresson H. Kearny
With Foreword by Dr. Edward Teller
Original Edition Published September, 1979, by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a Facility of the U.S. Department of Energy:

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Documentary producer and monetary expert BILL STILL takes on our nation’s National Debt and explains how this is killing the U.S. economy (through the interest payments alone) – and how to eliminate it!.
The following secrets of our money system are explained:
*** Nations don't have to borrow.
*** Nations can create their own money without debt.
*** Nations can’t get out of debt – or even “pay down” their national debt under the current system. Why? Because it is a debt-based economic system; all money is borrowed.

NEW BILL STILL BOOK: No More National Debt: World’s First Interactive Book available online
TPH Recommended DVD: The Secret of Oz available online "24/7"at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 4 Central Time.
After viewing Bill Still's award winning movie, "The Secret of Oz," you will never view "The Wizard of Oz" [MGM movie] or our economy with the same child eyed unawareness.
***Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 23 books and two documentary videos.

Website: and 

Audio Archived at:
April 19, 2011 (hour 1) - Waco remembered!
April 19, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest Dr. Arthur Robinson
April 19, 2011 (hour 3) - Guest Bill Still

WEDNESDAY – APRIL 20 - SPECIAL “Education: Dumbing Us Down” FEATURE:

International lecture, legendary researcher/author and activist critical of compulsory schooling JOHN TAYLOR GATTO believes the successful “dumbing us down” of American students is complete and has greatly contributed to our current economic situation. His sage observations on the school system, corporate world and consumer-driven culture are brilliant as he explains how key elements of a fruitful society have been destroyed: innovation, imagination and creativity. You will also find out why CHINA has recently contacted him six times.

                          “Without being melodramatic, it is now a “life & death” issue for all of us.”- John Taylor Gatto

TPH Recommended BOOK: WEAPONS of MASS INSTRUCTION available online at or by calling The Power Hour at 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 4 Central Time.
Companion John Taylor Gatto video:   
The Underground History of America available online at:

Current Article of Related Interest:
When test scores seem too good to believe: To help students and schools make the grade, are some educators crossing the line?

Internationally lecturer, author, and world authority on greens, super foods, and whole-food nutrition, DAVID SANDOVAL educates on nutritional radiation products.

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* Astazanthin Advantage
* Fulvic zeolite

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Audio Archived at:
April 20, 2011 (hour 1) - News
April 20, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest John Gatto
April 20, 2011 (hour 3) - Guest David Sandoval educating TPH listeners on nutritional radiation products.


PURSLANE formulator ELSIE BELCHEEF details "The Weed That Heals". Find out where it grows, what it looks like and particularly what enormous health benefits it can supply.

TPH PRODUCTS Discussed Today:
* Purslane Fruit & Veggie Wash
* Purslane Capsules, Tincture, Cream and Powder, Clove Capsules
* Body Deodorant, Purslane Shampoo & Purslane Conditioner
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ADAM LOCK provides current news items relating to water, that made the news:
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Audio Archived at:
April 21, 2011 (hour 1) - News
April 21, 2011 (hour 2) - Guest Elsie Belcheef
April 21, 2011 (hour 3) - April 21, 2011 (hour 3) -
Testimony Day + Adam Lock from Big Berkey.

FRIDAY – APRIL 22 – Change Your World FEATURE:

First hour LIVE with Joyce and Josh with current news.

2nd and 3rd Hours -  Re-Broadcast from November 1, 2010 due to technical issues:

Reporter and co-producer MICHAEL MURPHY explains the full story of a rapidly developing industry called Geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water – all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. These are the never-ending “Chemtrails” that everyone has witnessed time, and again.

“Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 – and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it.”

Joining Michael will be profound researcher, writer and producer G. EDWARD GRIFFIN as he boldly exposes WHO is doing this and WHY…. And worse, all the possible health risks associated with this criminal behavior of spraying.

NEW TPH Documentary: What in the World Are They Spraying? The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Cover-up
Produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger
Warning: Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure.
DVD. 95 minutes. Available by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.

Current related information from G. Edward Griffin:
Here is a video with G. Edward Griffin about the dangers of whole-body scanners and Idaho State Legislator Phil Hart who has written legislation to get rid of the machines and to test their safety (if proven safe, then they could only be used as a secondary screening devices). This video is important because it pinpoints the jurisdiction over the scanners (the States, when health or safety is an issue) and there is a link for Hart's model legislation.

Here is a link for the model legislation:

Audio Archived at:
April 22, 2011 (hour 1) - LIVE with Joyce and Josh
November 01, 2010 (hour 2) - Re-Play with Guest Michael Murphy
November 01, 2010 (hour 3) - Re-Play with Guest G. Edward Griffin

Kevin and Donna Johnson will be re-scheduled at a later date but their info is listed below:

serve as excellent examples of individuals who have made the shift to create an alternative, sustainable lifestyle of voluntary simplicity, with all the basic comforts that life has to offer. They have achieved their goals with very little money in order to prove that it is possible to live a rich, satisfying life by adapting such practices as biogenic diet, simple shelter, organic gardening, studying herbal healing, recycling gray water, composting hu-manure, catching rainwater and minimizing fuel consumption.
Kevin's Music Website:
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