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Week of APRIL 13, 2009


Week of APRIL 13 - APRIL 17,  2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides an economic status report on the government sponsored meltdown and the coming hyperinflationary bubble that will result from trillions upon trillions of dollars being created out of thin air to fund big bank bailout money-bombs.

"The funding will be accomplished by direct monetization of treasury bonds, the proceeds from which will be pumped into the US and world economies. That ever-burgeoning supply of money will be chasing after fewer and fewer goods as the world economy collapses. As each trillion-dollar money-bomb fails to save the Illuminist banks and our already dead but temporarily re-animated zombie financial system, another trillion-dollar money bomb will follow in rapid succession, until we go through about five trillion and the public outcry becomes so great that no further theft from taxpayers will be tolerated. By then it will be too late."

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Missouri State Representative JIM GUEST comments on a recent Homeland Security detention and harassment, with intent of being escorted to a police station, on an innocent Ron Paul campaign worker. The Crime: Traveling with CASH dollars in his pocket.

Message From Representative Jim Guest:
"As always, I can be reached at my CAPITOL OFFICE at 573-751-0246 or 866-586-1645,
FAX: 573-526-7740 or by e-mail at
Mailing address is:
Room 233B
State Capitol Building
Jefferson City, MO 65101
or at my DISTRICT OFFICE at: PO Box 412, King City, MO 64463, Phone #660-535-6664 or by e-mail at
Radio Broadcast: You can catch me on the internet at


DR. ANN BLAKE TRACY is making it known that consumers treated with the SSRI antidepressant have or are experiencing "often ignored" serious side effects of this medication. And in critical addition, Dr. Tracy exposes the link between shootings/incidents and murder/suicides involving SSRI prescription drugs.
NEW: This website is a collection of 2900+ news stories with the full media article available, mainly criminal in nature, that have appeared in the media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) or that were part of FDA testimony in either 1991, 2004 or 2006, in which antidepressants are mentioned.

Dr. Tracy's Book: PROZAC; PANACEA OR PANDORA? Available by calling 1-877-817-9829 or order online at

GAIL and RHONDA SCHMIDKUNZ return to talk about their son Zach's 35 year sentence for murdering a friend while under the influence of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drug "Zoloft" manufactured by Pfizer. There are over 3,000 Zach's currently serving time with direct connections to SSRI drugs.
Related Story by Don Harkins: Will the real murderer please take this young man’s place behind bars?
* Click here for Related Update from the Family

NOTE: Gail and Rhonda Schmidkunz do not have a website, but invite your emails: 
You can write to Zach at:
Zach Schmidkunz - 25550
P.O. Box 5521
Bismarck ND 58506-5521
[Complete return address must be posted on the envelope]
Past One-Hour interviews with The SCHMIDKUNZS available at: ARCHIVES for May 7, 2008: 2nd Hour and June 2, 2008: 2nd Hour.


                                             April “FOOLS” DAY

The 15th of April

A day when millions of Americans are made “FOOLS OF” by the


Jim Purcey will explain why he says, “that the Internal Revenue Service is operating in complete compliance with the authority it has been given within the 16th Amendment in our United States Constitution”. Jim will be sharing the “SECRET” the IRS does not want you to know! How they (IRS) and our elected representatives are not telling the sovereign individuals, you and me, the truth about the “INCOME TAX” and who really has too file and pay! Put away your TEA BAGS and learn how you can stop this action of tyranny with “The Power of The Pen” from the comfort of your home and the cost of a postage stamp! You will not want to miss this program!

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CARLEEN MADIGAN, former managing editor at Horticulture magazine, encourages everyone to farm their own backyard to grow fruit, vegetables, grains, chickens for fresh eggs, and even meat animals.

NEW BOOK: The Backyard Homestead, a compilation edited by Carleen Madigan from Storey Publishing Company available online "24/7" at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.

LOU PARADISE explains "TOPRICIN" as a natural pain relief (cream) and alternative to oral synthetic medications (and their nasty side-effects), to aid in healing faster from surgery and speed recovery from a variety of trauma injuries.
TOPRICIN available online "24/7" at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.

ADAM LOCK discusses the approaching 2009 Hurricane season and why it is a good idea to be prepared..
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Attorney MICHAEL SHAW has created a user-guide of local actions plans to stop some of what we are experiencing:
*engineered financial crisis
*loss of jobs
*the viability of the American dollar
*mounting limitations or loss of private property
*restrictions on parental authority within a system that emphasizes indoctrination over education
*communitarian law replacing the American system of equal justice

Today government agencies "facilitates a growing legions of mindless citizens to attack the rights of others. Their goal is to obtain and/or control what is not theirs. The reality of these examples shows us the process of America's fall into the emerging global movement. There private property will be abolished."
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