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Week of APRIL 7, 2008


Week of  APRIL 7 - APRIL 11, 2008:


PATTY HOPPER, specialized in research and analysis of POW/MIA related information for over 30 years, and considered to be a private sector expert in government agency POW data bases, the flow of information, and how it is handled - - - because of this Patty can expose the real John McCain. "For any person to cast a vote in favor of John McCain is unconscionable."

International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN discusses the proposed 'new and more powerful' Federal Reserve - - - it appears a revised pyramid scheme is in the works... leaving the taxpayer holding all the debt and all the loss.
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DR EDWARD CLOSE, Ph.D, returns to TPH to continue in providing scientific proof that our universe is both physical and non-physical - - - science and religion can no longer be at odds. Dr. Close has accomplished what no one has ever done before. "Miracles can and do happen and do so within the laws already accepted by science - and this is a fact."
NEW BOOK: Transcendental Physics (by) Edward Close, PhD
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Other BOOK: Nature's Mold Rx (by) Edward Close, PhD and Jacquelyn Close, RA
The Thieves Essential Oil Line is available at

DAVID STEWART, Ph.D, D.N.M., joins Dr. Edward Close to help us learn how to navigate the bridge from soul to cell within our own earthly bodies.
BOOK: "The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple"
Previous Book/DVD: "Healing Oils of the Bible" available by calling 877-817-9829 or


Holistic physician and author from New Zealand, DR. ROBIN KELLY discovered that complementary medicine has benefited patients for whom a standard, orthodox Western medical approach has failed to make a significant difference. Dr. Kelly will reveal complementary medicine you may not have learned much about - - - and the power of "frequency" in healing.
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NEW Book: The Human Antenna (by) Robin Kelly M.D.


Veteran issues researcher and writer ALIVIA TIGLIAFERRI discusses the long-range effects of multiple (and longer) tours of duty, more exposure to traumatic events, urban guerilla warfare, 1 in 4 homeless persons is a veteran, etc., and relates these issues back to Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - - - and the necessary help for a normal life that veterans are not receiving.

NEW BOOK: Still the Monkey, What Happens to Warriors after War (by) Alivia C. Tagliaferri Available at:

Perhaps the foremost chemtrail researcher CLIFFORD CARNICOM has proven that chemtrails are a secret government conspiracy - - - - CIA and military cover-up - - - with emphasis on Morgellons disease and other health problems and their relationship to chemtrails.

DVD: Aerosol Crimes aka Chemtrails

Clifford Carnicom's extensive website: 

NOTE: 30 Minute video with Clifford Carnicom and Gwen Scott N.D. on the "Morgellons" issue. That page is at:


Author JIM PURCEY returns with yet another "line-in-the-sand" to discuss the critical importance of Home Schooling your children - - - and why forces are trying to intercede and order all children into the public school system.

BOOK: "Am I The Only American Who Thinks This Way?" (Author) Jim Purcey available online "24/7" at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.

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