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Week of APRIL 6, 2009


Week of APRIL 6 - APRIL 10,  2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides an in-depth report of the recent G20 (or is it really the G2) in London. There are several serious items on their Globaloney agenda, but the most important is the fate of the dollar as a world reserve currency.
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Texan grassroots organizer and political activist TERRI HALL exposes a critical government/corporate maneuver to sell our highways to corporations in exchange for quick cash.
NOTE: This goes beyond the state of Texas. The so-called "stimulus money" is being used to make these Corporate purchases. No wonder these government/corporate carpet-baggers will NOT disclose to the Public how the 'Bailout $$$$$' is being spent....or the names of who it is going too!

Related TURF Press Releases:
1. Senate set to sell our highways to corporations in exchange for quick cash
2. No stimulus funds for toll roads!
3. NEW loophole to ALLOW tolls on existing roads

To Get Involved (or do your part via donation please)...Contact: Terri Hall, Founder / Director, Texans Uniting for Reform & Freedom (TURF)
PHONE: (210) 275-0640
Please Donate by Mail (no amount is too small):
     Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom
     18160 US Hwy 281 N., Suite 108-251
     San Antonio, TX 78232 or Donate online: 

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TUESDAY - APRIL 7 - SPECIAL War in the Middle East FEATURE:

Former German parliamentarian and author JURGEN TODENHOFER takes us on a firsthand account, a never-before-tour, behind "enemy" lines in Iraq where he meets with resistance fighters who want American troops, and Al Qaeda terrorists, and the foreign-backed private militias of Iraqi politicians, out of their country.
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Retired Major DOUG ROKKE repots on the latest updates surrounding Veteran health issues in the Middle East; plus, remarks on the Pentagon's ordered escalation in the destruction of military documents. Find out why they would do such a thing.
Related Articles by Doug Rokke:
* Adverse Health and Environmental Effects of Depleted Uranium Weapons

Two Memos (Obtained by Doug Rokke)
1. "Proponency" Takes Priority over Environmental Concerns
2. 'Depleted Uranium' Poses Threats to Health, per Defence Nuclear Agency

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Expertly health conscious TERI SECREST pays extra attention to your health and explains why your immune system is one of the most important, and hardest working, systems in your body. In these uncertain times it is wise to do as much towards preventing life-threatening illness, as is knowing things you can do to achieve a full recovery once it hits. It is equally important to realize that nature trumps commercial and synthetic prescriptions, and even worse preventative vaccines.

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Related Article:
Virus Starts Like a Cold But Can Turn Into a Killer


Founder and director of the Wrongful Death and Injury Institute, KAREN RUSSO breaks down what is really happening in America's prison (for profit) system and details how this system deals with a variety of medical issues from experimentation (medical and dietary) to blood scandals and body parts. Once again, it appears our tax dollars are not being properly used as originally appropriated; and worse, not being utilized honorably.

"It is an absolute necessity for families to be knowledgeable of the prison system and medical contractor(s) contracted by Departments of Correction to deliver healthcare to your State's prison population. Families / friends must understand the medical rights of the inmate, how the prison HMO and prison system function individually and collectively. All too often documents that should be in place on behalf of the inmate are inadequate or do not exist."

The Wrongful Death and Injury Institute
Kansas City, Missouri

Phone: 1-816-941-0087

ADAM LOCK discusses gardening with purified water, to protect the quality of your food supply. Click Here for specials only good for The Power Hour listeners. Keep updated by reading "Water in the News"
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2nd Hour: Author JIM PURCEY exposes yet another corporate/government sponsored fraud and explains why it is morally justified, for each of us individually to act, and throw the thieves out of the temple. We must stop the fraud to save ourselves, our children, and our country.

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