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Week of MARCH 23, 2009


Week of MARCH 23 - MARCH 27, 2009


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides an economic status report on the government’s continual response of 'we will fix it' - - - as the largest heist of tax-payer money shifts to the very culprits who created the problems to begin with; Plus, comments on the coming April 2nd G-20 meeting in London. Bob predicts it will result in the end of free trade and
globalization, as we have known it.

"The new mantra for central banks is ‘zero-interest rates’ and an increase of 2% of GDP in money and credit. After this game has spent itself, the only room left to maneuver in will be more inflationary increases in money and credit and monetization. Parallel to these actions are exploding budget deficits worldwide."
Related Article: London police fear violent protests at G-20 economic meeting

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Co Editors and Co-Publishers MARILYN KITTELMAN and DAVID JAQUES announce "The Roseburg Beacon" with a personal mission to print the truth. Their philosophy/political world view is decidedly; pro-America, pro Free Enterprise, pro Laissez Faire Capitalism; pro United States Constitution, and anti-anything that tramples our God given rights. Some are just plain
community based news and events, while they also cover a variety of national and regional events, as they impact us all.

"Our paper is a weekly, community based paper that prints the news as it happens. On the news page we try to be true to the origins of journalism, which meant to keep a record or journal of what actually took place."

"The Beacon is up over 43% in subscribers in the last 8 months. That is something the Seattle Post Intelligencer can't say, nor the Chicago Tribune, New York Times etc. Our success, we think, can be directly attributed to our objective of printing what no other paper will print, and striving to reflect the values of our community in the process. We have subscribers across the country, from Alaska to Florida, so our 'community' is growing.

Subscribe Now: "The Roseburg Beacon, because you can handle the truth!"
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Phone 541-672-2222
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Expertly health conscious HOWARD STRAUS issues a multitude of health-related consumer warning that should send up red-flags when anyone views information coming out of QuackWatch (with Stephen Barrett), Monsanto, the FDA and even Congress. Mr. Straus also sets the record straight about the millions of people worldwide that use the Gerson Therapy and the track record of it's infallible success rate.

Plus Steve Kroschels's extraordinary movie THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH now available online "24/7"at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.

BOOKS: Healing the Gerson Way, (by) Charlotte Gerson and Beata Bishop
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Related Article and Action Item:
A SOLEMN WALK THROUGH HR 875 (The Food Safety Modernization Act which 'makes it illegal to grow your own garden;' would mean a 'goodbye to farmers markets,' would result in the 'death of organic farming.')
by Linn Cohen-Cole


Judge Napolitano makes an honored appearance to announce the following action item: Join Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Tom Woods in St. Louis, Missouri for our first-ever Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference!

Author JIM PURCEY focuses on the discrepancies between the United States Constitution and the common practices currently taking place with local and federal government in America, due to the Corporation of our human bodies - without our knowledge and without our consent. Effective immediately Jim now offers the complete, most user friendly, tool to seek change and apply them to our everyday lives - - - The FREEDOM PACKAGE! This is the ultimate empowerment weapon to take back your life, retain the fruits of your labors, restore our Constitutional Rights and stop The New World Order in it's tracks. This package covers
foreclosure, credit cards, student loans, taxes, licenses, fees....and more.

Quote of the century:
US Senator Sanders: "Will you tell the American people to whom you lent $2.2 trillion of their dollars?" Bernanke: "No".
*** NOW..... We MUST start saying "NO" immediately.

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WAYNE ELLIOTT, herbal healthcare professional and international leader in the field of waste and resource recycling, educates on the numerous negatives of current hazardous waste material disposal, specifically batteries....especially military batteries dumped in the oceans.

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ADAM LOCK discusses Water In The News." Current news items relating to water, that made the news in the past month. (February)
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Water Rights activist JAMILLA El-SHAFEI explains how the Nestle Corporation (the Swiss food giant) is expanding their control of entire states water supply from McCloud, California to Maine. Nestle is positioning themselves to capitalize on the emerging crisis of global water scarcity, with a major pursuit to take control of Community Water supplies.

"The right to water is a social justice issue and we believe that it should not be sold to those who can afford it, leaving the world's poorest citizens thirsty. Citizens will do a much better job of protecting this resource than a for-profit corporation."
“Who should control this most precious and increasingly scarce resource - local citizens exercising local democratic control or a handful of large corporations whose main purpose is profit?”
Related Article and Video:
Maine Town Passes Ordinance Asserting Local Self-Governance and Stripping Corporate Personhood

Water expert for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, GAIL DARRELL was instrumental in the passage of the first rights based ordinance to protect groundwater adopted in the United States and explains the stripping of Corporate Personhood; Home Rule and more..... Activists have learned the hard way that trying to protect their communities and the environment by going the route of fighting a typical regulatory ordinance, which is written by corporate lobbyists, will fail to protect communities from harms done.

"People throughout the country are saying "enough is enough, large corporations have too much power." Constitutional Rights were granted to corporations from the bench in the 1800's and it is time to rectify a wrong! People are saying let's dismantle the neo-colonial corporate power by starting with their right to personhood."
Related Article: Why Home Rule?

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