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Week of MARCH 17, 2008


Week of  MARCH 17 - MARCH 21, 2008:


DR. EARNEST CHIODO, M.D., J.D.(Wayne State), M.P.H.(Harvard), C.I.H. Physician, attorney, epidemiologist, toxicologist, certified industrial hygienist and former Medical Director Detroit Health Department returns to educate on commonly encountered toxins: toxic waste, toxic mold, asbestos, pesticides, and defective drugs.
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See Federal Tort Claim 451 F.3d 411 -- This Federal Tort Claims Act suit was brought by the family of a former U.S. Army serviceman.

International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides details of the current rabbit pulled from the hat (trick) by the Feds - to starve off a major crash for another day. "The Federal Reserve's $200 billion into the banking system sovereign funds served as hype, flamboyance, misinformation and propaganda for their products. Worse, this allows all the crooks to get away with what they did. Of course this moral hazard would encourage the crooks to do it over and over again at taxpayer expense, as the US becomes more and more like a banana republic."
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The Douglas County, Oregon, Liberators RAE COPITKA and LOMA WHARTON provide a MAJOR update on governmental agencies, in-bed with banking industries, that are stealing money and property assets by with-holding Constitutional "due process" and just taking under the 'color of law'.

MARCH 14th 2008 Public Presentation Meeting:  
Also view past meetings: November 7, AUGUST 8; AUGUST 29; leading to the March 14th event.
Companion "Evidence Book and DVD" available by calling 1-877-817-9829, with proceeds back to Liberators11 to support and continue this battle for freedom.

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NOTE: Read  the full transcript of Joyce & Dave Von Kleist's Interview with Rey Kapitka & Loma Wharton on March 18, 2008


Vaccine expert NEIL Z. MILLER reveals the other half of the vaccine story and issues a warning that mercury still exists (thermosal), despite what you are lead to believe, plus new facts on aluminum. It is imperative that parents and individuals educate themselves before making the vaccine decision from Travel Vaccines, Rhogam, Vitamin K shots, the TB Test,
School Exemptions, and more...

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DR. CASS INGRAM educates on the cleansing and restorative power of spices, particularly the spice of wild Oregano.
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SHERRY ROGERS, M.D., leading Environmental Medicine authority, focuses on complete body wellness by removing environmental toxins that are evading critical areas within the body and causing a huge variety of illness, disease and early death. Plus: "Cholesterol is not the biggest cause of heart disease nor is it predictive of heart disease. In fact, over half the folks who die of a heart attack never had high cholesterol. But they did have other warnings that could have saved their lives, had they been checked."
NEW BOOK: The Cholesterol Hoax! (by) Sherry Rogers, M.D. or
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Producer, director and writer PETER JOSEPH announces Z-DAY - March 15, 2008 - "A World Wide Expression For Change" - Find out what this is about and a coming plan to take place.

RON KAUFMAN exposes the beast side of the television set - - - it does alot more than just commercial advertising.

Review of Jerry Mander's
Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television by Ron Kaufman

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